Chivas Studio Spotlight, the haute luxe series of mesmerizing evenings is back and with a big bang. Chivas played host at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai to the glitterati for its third leg of the ongoing series. The Chivas Studio Spotlight is an eclectic amalgamation of fashion, art, mixology, gourmet food and music which offers a unique experience that integrates art and luxury.

The evening saw an eclectic mix of guests from fields of Cinema, Art, Fashion and Music. The attendees included a number of friends of Chivas like Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Genelia D’Souza, Soha Ali Khan, Arjun Rampal to name just a few. Fashionistas, musicians, writers, directors, producers and members of the media also came out in large numbers to support this creative movement.

For this edition, the Chivas Studio Spotlight showcased collaboration between Skoda Art, Designer Arjun Agarwal, Verdanchi Motorcycles and Sharan – Apparao Gallery known for its eye in sporting and supporting emerging trends. Various creative renditions had a convergence of diversifying art forms ranging from a contemporary fashion showcase by Arjun Agarwal along with Skoda Prizes Wall with a startling display of custom motorcycles in the backdrop of Smriti Dixit’s exhibit of Art collection.

The showcase evoked a unique metamorphosis accentuating the essence of the brand Chivas Regal that stands for luxury, chivalry and exuberance. Commenting on the occasion, Bikram Basu, Vice President-Marketing, Pernod Ricard India said, “The Chivas Studio Spotlight harnesses an eclectic mix of creative talent to showcase under one roof; in a most stylish and social milieu. We are delighted to have Anirban as a part of The Chivas Studio Spotlight in a city which is known to have an appealing knack for creative concoctions”.

The various creative renditions for the evening:

Arjun Agarwal in collaboration with Chivas Studio Spotlight presented a line very close to his essence and existence in fashion. Influenced by the native ‘Maori’ art, the silhouettes, in the signature blacks and whites, depicted the verve of women who evolves, adapts and metamorphosis themselves with poise and grace. Arjun’s inspirations have always come from the mundane things he sees around him. Magnificent buildings, beautiful pieces of architecture or a scrunched up piece of paper…all of these inspire him to create metamorphic designs. A feature of his signature design style.

Vardenchi, the name is synonymous with custom motorcycles in India. Started as ‘The Mumbai Motorcycle Company’, it was rechristened as Vardenchi Motorcycles, to reflect the personal image of the founder, Akshai Varde.  The display of these spectacular motorcycles clearly depicts a process of custom motorcycle building which is a co-creation between the company and the customer. Each Vardenchi is more like a work of art, rather than a hunk of hot metal and wheels.

Apparao Gallery was founded in 1984 in Chennai and now has a presence in Delhi & Bangalore as well.  Specializing in contemporary Indian art, Apparao has exhibited some of the most well known artists in the field while continuously working with emerging artists as an incubator. Being a platform between the artists and collectors, Apparao Gallery is known for their eye in sporting and supporting emerging trends.

Smriti Dixit, a young, perceptive artist looks at the endeavour of co-modification through the symbol of the price tags found in garments. She has always been preoccupied with the creation of the “icon” and altering the perception of an object. Here she creates screens that sometimes act as barriers in the process of the morphosis with the price tags used as a sculptural medium. Like the caterpillar those metamorphoses into a beautiful butterfly; so does a human look towards material objects in their journey. Often these aspirations get co modified into objects that are symbols of other stations and lives.

Chivas Studio Spotlight is a sneak preview of the ‘Chivas Studio’ a global creative collaborative platform that hosts 2-day event to showcase the best of contemporary art, fashion, photography, installation and performing art under one umbrella. Over the years, CHIVAS Studio has featured some of the leading contemporary artists, musicians, fashion designers from India and internationally. Spotlight is an illustration format of the Studio, held over an evening across cities of Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Bangalore etc through the year to keep the “Live with Chivalry” alive.