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I consider myself lucky to be part of Khichadi Returns: Abraam Pandey

Abraam Pandey, who will soon be seen in Khichadi Returns, is on cloud nine. The actor says that he has always been a fan of the show and is thrilled to be part of this season. “Khichadi was one of the best shows on TV till date and working with the Khichadi cast is like finding diamonds in the sand. When you are not from any filmy background and are doing ads, cameo roles, etc. and all of a sudden you get a chance to work with big actors, it really feels like you are on the top of the world. It’s a very big thing for me and I consider myself lucky,” he says.

The actor adds that he is on the lookout for other interesting work as well. “I am on the lookout for different type of characters. I want to explore my abilities as an actor and try to do something very challenging,” he says.

Abraam has been seen in a lot of comedy roles in shows such as Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot and says that he is scared of being typecast. “I am scared of getting the same kind of roles again and again. I want to play characters with grey shades. I love comedy but would love to experiment more as an actor. I have been doing comedy shows since some time now and I want to try my hand at something new,” he says.

Modern Naarad made me who I am today: Abraam Pandey

While actor Abraam Pandey has been part of multiple shows, he says that his last show Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot was the turning point in his career. The actor adds that his character of modern Naarad made him quite popular. “This character made me who I am. People started knowing me, started loving the character. This character proved me as an actor in the industry. Also, I was offered Naarad’s role many times after this. But I refused as I did not want to play the same part again. I want to experiment more as an actor. It’s really hard to do mythological shows but playing modern Naarad was a fun and I loved it. Modern Naarad established me as a versatile actor,” he says.

Ask him if he is at all like Naarad, Abraam says, “I am a very straight forward guy. I am blunt. I can say whatever I feel about the person, on his face even if it’s hurting him. I am not like Naarad at all.”

He has a lot of sweet memories of the show. “Whenever a new show is on-air, we would all sit together and watch the first episode. You can say it is the tradition of the production house. One more memory is that on the first day, the second scene was mine and everybody were saying that ‘Yeh Naarad bahot cute hain’ so that was also a compliment for me. J. D. Majethia sir and Aatish Kapadia sir were 100% confident that I will do justice to the role. And also people said that we have never seen a Naarad like you, with a fit body and six pack abs. Earlier whoever played a Naarad were a bit ‘Gol Matol’,” he says.

Talking about his association with the producers J. D. Majethia and Aatish Kapadia, Abraam says, “I am like a kid for both. Majethia sir and Aatish Kapadia sir treat me like a kid. They have taught me many things and are still teaching me. They support me a lot. My association with them is like family. They must be legendary or big for many but for me, they are my family.”


Aimed at bringing compelling Indian tales with universal relevance to an increasingly interested global audience, Sony Entertainment Television (SET) launches its sub-brand ‘SET Originals’ with ‘Prithvi Vallabh’ being the first production to premier under this brand. With SET Originals, the channel will collaborate with new creative storytellers to offer premium, fresh and finite content with superior production values and narratives that have a global appeal.

The show will mark the debut of Anirudh Pathak of Writers’ Galaxy as a Producer and will enrapture viewers by its breathtaking visuals, canvas, and scale of production. A finite series, Prithvi Vallabh narrates a tale of two archival warriors; Prithvi and Mrinal. Prithvi, the heir of the Malwa dynasty, is an advocator of the ‘philosophy of humanism’, while Mrinal, the princess warrior of Manyakhet, is ‘born out of pure vengeance’. It is a unique story that starts with hatred on a battlefield and ends up becoming a grand love story. The show will take us to an era where various Indian states were at constant war for territorial expansion. In this era of continual struggle, Prithvi Vallabh’s philosophy of ‘live and let live’ forms the crux of the show, which is relevant even today. It has both, a sense of history and a mystery of those times.

The show’s stellar star cast includes Ashish Sharma as Prithvi, Sonarika Bhadoria as Mrinal, Pawan Chopra as Singhdant, Shalini Kapoor as Rajmata, Alefia Kapadia as Savita, Jitin Gulati as Tailap, Piyali Munshi as Jakkala, Surendra Pal as Vinayaditya, amongst others.


Danish Khan, Executive Vice President, and Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television:
“It’s time for Indian stories to reach out to global audiences. India has a rich legacy of civilization, culture, literature and history. Indian stories have a universal appeal and are extremely relevant to the world if told well. SET Originals is a step in that direction. Prithvi Vallabh is our first production under the brand. We are delighted to collaborate with Anirudh Pathak, the writer and the creator of the show. With SET originals, we take a brave and visionary leap to define the content for the ever-evolving global audience.”

Anirudh Pathak, Producer & Creator of Prithvi Vallabh
“Prithvi Vallabh is my first show as a producer. I am grateful to Sony Entertainment Television for putting their faith in me and offering us all the backing in creating this world-class series. I do believe there is always a story out there waiting to be told. Behind the story somewhere, there are many unheard of improbable, yet true stories that merit attention. Prithvi Vallabh is one such attempt of ours to present a story of two rival warriors, a complete contrast in personalities, yet connected by one emotion – a hatred which will transform into love, making it one of the most romantic historic love stories of all times.”

Tune in to ‘Prithvi Vallabh’ premiering on January 20, 2018, at 9:30 PM, every Saturday-Sunday only on Sony Entertainment Television!

Jay Bhanushali in great demand for Super Dancers Chapter 2

Rarely does talent come in as focused and dynamic as that of the good looking Jay Bhanushali. Born to be humble and blessed with raw appeal and striking power Jay is known to be one of the most successful actor in the Indian television industry.

Jay who is known for his immense talent started his journey as a host in 2009 with Dance India Dance and has hosted a variety of reality shows. His connection with the audience and the contestants and his comic timings in the show has been the most appreciated making him one of the best anchor in the television industry.

With the news striking high Super Dancers: Chapter 2 that was hosted by Ritvik Dhananjani will now be hosted by Jay Bhanushali for the entire season. Yes that right Jay who was roped in by the producers for a few weekend episodes will now be the host for the entire season want to know why?

As per sources Jay who was been roped in for a few episodes with his immense talent and extraordinary skills won the heart of the audiences as well as the makers making them retain him for the entire season. With the great demand that Jay received in his episodes the producers felt he will be the best person to host the season.

In an conversation Jay he mentioned, “It is always been great hosting the reality shows and now that I am roped in for Super Dancers the audiences will have a laughter riot in the episodes.”

With the great demand for him on the show I am sure Jay would make the season filled with fun and laughter.

SAB’s comedy quotient to hit the roof, quite literally, with Jijaji Chhat Per Hain!

Sony SAB is all set to begin 2018 with a lineup of exciting new shows, ‘Jijaji Chhat Per Hain’ will set the ball rolling. Set in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, Jijaji Chhat Per Hain is an entertaining and adventurous story of Elaichi played by Hiba Nawab, a quintessential girl next door, the head of the household, Murari Bansal, played by Anup Upadhyay and their helpless tenant, Pancham, played by Nikhil Khurana. Launching on Tuesday, 09 January 2018, Monday to Friday at 22 00 hours only on Sony SAB.

The story revolves around Elaichi’s mischiefs and eccentricities, Pancham’s attempts to escape from her tricks and Murari’s wish of getting his daughter to amend her notorious ways and settle down in life.

In the show, Murari is a lehenga shop owner in Chandni Chowk who lives with his nagging wife Karuna, played by Soma Rathod and a free-spirited and outspoken daughter, Elaichi. Rebellious Elaichi, always has several pranks up her sleeve. She continues to go to school by intentionally flunking each year, even at the age of 22, to avoid living the grown-up life and dodge marriage.

Murari Bansal’s abode is always abuzz with Elaichi’s antics and her pranks. However, life takes a turn, when Murari rents out his rooftop room/ ‘barsati’ to Pancham. Elaichi finds a new target in Pancham, a 24-year-old boy from Agra who aspires to be a music director but instead lands up working with Murari so as to make ends meet. He moves to Delhi with his best friend, Pintu, both of whom have limited resources to bank on. Since, Murari is principally determined to not rent his ‘barsati’ to bachelors, Pancham fakes being married and disguises Pintu, played by Harveer Singh, as a woman posing as his wife.

But Pancham’s troubles are far from over, as somehow, Elaichi figures out his lie and blackmails Pancham into playing her pranks. Here’s where, Pintu as Pintu Jiji and Pancham as Jija Ji, come into a force of their own as their chemistry and comic timing charts out the hilarious journey of – Jijaji Chhat Per Hain

Adding to the humour are peripheral characters – the gossip monger local barber, played by Yogesh Tripathi, Sunita, Elaichi’s best friend played by Raashi Bawa and Inspector Himmat, played by Naveen Bawa also known as Daroga, each of whom come with their own set of peculiarities.


Neeraj Vyas, Sr. EVP & Head, Channel SAB

“Keeping up with our vision to provide entertaining comedies and to make India laugh, we begin 2018 with a hilarious new show, Jijaji Chhat Per Hain. This show highlights the various idiosyncrasies of our characters. The dynamic plots of the story and the playful camaraderie between the characters is sure to excite the viewers.”

Tune in to Jijaji Chhat Per Hain premiering on Tuesday, 09 January 2018,
Monday to Friday at 22:00 hours only on Sony SAB!

Cast Details:
Murari – Anoop Upadhyay
Elaichi – Hiba Nawab
Pancham – Nikhil Khurana
Karuna – Soma Rathod
Pintu / Pintu Jiji – Harveer
Sunita – Raashi Bawa
Chota Nai -Yogesh Tripathy
Daroga – Naveen Bawa
Manga Havaldar – Saheb Das Manikpuri

COLORS launches ‘Belan Waali Bahu’

A goofy yet loving ‘bahu’, her untiringly unhappy husband, a dysfunctional albeit hilarious family and the pivotal role of a ‘belan’ will now get added to your late-night entertainment-diet! Known to create divergent content for its discerning viewers, COLORS is set to launch an engaging narrative, Belan Waali Bahu – a comic-drama giving a peek into human impulses and tendencies. Produced by Shoonya Square, the show is directed by Deven Bhojani and helmed by Dheeraj Sarna (co-producer, writer and lead actor) and Ved Raj. Belan Waali Bahu traces the lives of a mismatched couple, Roopa Awasthi and Amarnath and how an ordinary item like a belan (rolling pin) changes life as they know it. The comic capers of the Awasthi family come to life on 15th January 2018 and will air every Monday to Friday at 10.30pm only on COLORS.

Elaborating on the concept, Manisha Sharma, Programming Head, COLORS said, “One of the most important part in every household is the Belan, so please don’t take it lightly or for granted. Often many men don’t use a belan but love to have rotis. Adding a little humor to this concept, Belan Waali Bahu narrates a story of Amarnath who always took his wife Roopa for granted and the famous belan never existed for him. Belan is mightier than the sword it can feed you or kill you but in our show it kills and believe me it will make the viewers die laughing. We promise a first of its kind show that highlights the dynamics between a dead husband, wife and a belan.”

The immensely popular television diva Krystle D’souza sports a never-seen-before look as she essays the role of the bahu, Roopa Awasthi while Writer & Producer turned actor, Dheeraj Sarna plays the role of the protagonist – the ghost of her late husband, Amarnath Awasthi.

Playing the role of the clumsy-yet-loveable wife – the ‘Belan Waali Bahu’ – Actress Krystle Dsouza said, “I am actually a lot like my character Roopa; many know me as a sophisticated girl who is always well-prepared for everything she does, but what they don’t know and have never seen is my absolutely clumsy side. With Belan waali Bahu, I’m extending my acting prowess beyond serious roles and trying my hand at comedy! So far it has been amazing and I am truly enjoying every day at work. which has turned out to be a very serious business! I’m fortunate to be working with comedy stalwarts like Dheeraj Sarna, Sudhir Pandey, Bhavna Balsavar and Deven Bhojwani from whom there’s so much to learn. This concept is novel and interesting, and I hope my fans and viewers appreciate my new avatar.”

Speaking about the show and his character, Actor, Writer and Producer Dheeraj Sarna said, “Writing has always been my passion. When I started illustrating Amarnath’s character, it somewhat grew on me. Though we auditioned many actors, but somehow, I realized nobody was able to envision the role as I had it in my mind. And as luck would have it, my team was also convinced that I should play the character myself! Amarnath is neither your typical romantic hero nor an egotistical male; he is a simple man who is never at peace and is perpetually frustrated. The show has a unique storyline; that coupled with the chemistry of all the characters will surely keep the viewers in splits.”
It is said a girl’s life changes when she gets married but this unique tale with a twist is about the life of a girl changing when her husband dies and turns into a ghost! Along with Krystle D’souza and Dheeraj Sarna in the lead roles, the show will feature stellar pillars of comedy like Sudhir Pandey, Bhavana Balsavar, Mushtaq Khan, Sikandar Kharbanda, Parijat, Shraddha Jaiswal and Sunayana Fozdar in key roles.

Embark on a hilarious journey with Roopa and Amarnath; Watch Belan Waali Bahu
Starting 15th January 2018, every Monday to Friday at 10.30pm only on COLORS

Delnaaz Irani flooded with appreciation for short film ‘My Mother’s Wedding’

We have always seen big screen movies staying at the top & setting a benchmark in the eyes of the audiences but today it is short films that are taking the leap. With Sujoy Ghosh back to back hits such at ‘Ahalya’ & ‘Kriti’ , its Sanil Gosavi’s short film ‘My Mother’s Wedding’ that has grabbed the limelight and is all set to make their mark in the industry.

Television Actress Delnaaz Irani popularly known for roles in ‘Jamai Raja’, ‘Akbar Birbal’ & ‘Ek Deewana Tha’ is the next mainstream actor to make her foray into short films. Delnaaz who is no unfamiliar to the B-Town industry recently gave the audience a glimpse of her immense talent in trailer launch of her upcoming short film ‘My Mother’s Wedding’.

The movie is a story about a boy who talks about the acceptance of his mothers happiness. Delnaaz who is currently playing the lead in the movie recently gave the audience a glimpse of her immense talent on social media where she uploaded a sneak peak of a emotional scene from the film makings the audience head over heels with her touching and wonderful act. The scene along with the trailer has got the audience surprised making their excitement quotient higher.

Sharing a little about her experience Delnaaz mentioned, “It is been really really great working for this film. The movie has a story of a fresh mind which talks about a mother-son relationship and also has a very strong social message into it. The climax at the end is just the most amazing and its worth the wait.”

If the trailer is so amazing how do u think the film would be?

Sharanam Safar Vishwaas Ka to Golden Temple with Juhi Chawla on EPIC Channel

Sharanam Safar Vishwaas Ka with Juhi Chawla
Episode #5: Golden Temple
Date & Timings: Tuesday, 9th January, 2018 at 8 PM

Divinity dwells in the arms of peace and we get certain of this fact, in the sacred lands of Amritsar. Within the peaceful and blissful premises of the Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara in Amritsar, also widely known as the Golden Temple, devotees have claimed to find the real meaning of the “greater being”. The continuous chant from the verses of Guru Granth Sahib adds up to the already existing sanctified atmosphere. The focus of the Golden Temple is the famous Amrit Sarovar – a water tank that surrounds the shining shrine. The sacred water from this holy pool of nectar is vouched for its divine healing powers.

Sakshi prepares Sakkarai Pongal in Tyohaar Ki Thali on EPIC channel

Tyohaar Ki Thali

Episode #21: Pongal

Date & Timings: Monday, 8th January, 2018 at 8 PM on EPIC Channel

To celebrate Pongal, Sakshi Tanwar prepares Sakkarai Pongal, a kind of sweet halwa. She regales us with various Pongal stories from her mom’s collected postcards, including a Shiv and Nandi story. She then makes Pulihora or tamarind rice which is common to the four states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. There’s also Chola Paniyaram made from sorghum and urad dal that’s considered a royal dish. Sakshi serves it with a special coconut chutney.