Being alone is not me, never : Mayur Mehta

Actor and model Mayur Mehta was seen in ‘House Wife Hai Sab Janti Hai’ and ‘Aur Pyar Ho Gaya’ is awfully thrilled as his debut film MY FRIEND’S DULHANIA is releasing in a couple of weeks. The guy from Ghaziabad has done many popular commercials and print ads like Woodland shoes, Pepsi, Samsung Mobile, HCL, Compaq, Maruti Ritz car. Mr. Mehta has a rendez-vous with GlamGold about the film.

— Vipul K. Shah

GG) How did your journey start?

MM) Since childhood itself, I wanted to become an actor. So I just started focusing my energy to get into it. My debut was a reality show ‘Emotional Atyachar’ and then I did ‘Dadagiri-4’ for bindass channel. After these shows, I was determined to move to Mumbai because it is the dream city and for any to be actor, this city is the final destination, path to accomplish your dream.

GG) How did you get MY FRIEND’S DULHANIA?

MM) I got it through my actor friend Mudasar Zafar. Secondly, after the meeting, the production company was convinced about me that I am perfect for this character.

GG) What is your character like?

MM) I am playing Harsh in the movie, one of the lead characters. Harsh is extremely funny and takes all the things in a light way. He is a nonchalant, happy-go-lucky kind of a guy exactly like his name.

GG) How much do you relate to Harsh?

MM) Very much! In real life too I love doing comedy, adventures and trying new things. I am very talkative and enjoy being the center of attraction. Being alone is not me, never. In MFD, my character Harsh also has a very parallel nature.

GG) How was your experience of the film?

MM) It was fun shooting in Kashmir but it was a task for all of us because we saw many of those things which we have never faced. So there were some scary moments also, but we enjoyed a lot because I personally have never seen such a stunning place in my life. KASHMIR is heaven!

GG) What do you feel is the difference between small and big screen?

MM) I don’t feel any disparity. For me, screen does not matter. Work is work whether it is small screen or big screen. I am content with both equally.

GG) What next?

MM) There are two-three projects in the pipeline but I can not disclose anything at the moment.