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Promo of the 2nd Season of Amit Khanna’s webseries ‘All About Section 377’ released

Ace photographer Amit Khanna’s latest offering All About Section 377 season 2 is bang on, targeted to highlight the struggles of LGBTQ community the first season of this series was highly appreciated and won accolades galore.

Amit Khanna who plays the central protagonist in this show has not only acted in it but has written directed and produced it as well. The web-series is the first of its kind revolutionary in its own way as its set to highlight the transgender issues and is set against the back drop of a village, The cast involves Gulshan Nain, Ankit Bhatia, Mustafa Shaikh, Yash Yogi, Gunjan Malhotra, Amit Khanna and others. The season 2 is being produced by Asmiy Entertainment (Dhaval Patel), Dancing Shiva (Ritesh Kudecha, Anuya Chauhan Kudecha) and Philum Makers (Shyam Patel and Amit Khanna).

Amit Khanna says, “Love is a beautiful emotion which must be expressed freely and not be restricted on the basis of gender Our series All about section 377 season 2 highlights LGBTQ issues at a basic grass root level its not only the first series to take up struggles faced by the Hijara/transgender issue but it happens to deal with homophobia in Indian villages due to prejudices and lack of knowledge.”

Anuya Chauhan Kudecha (Dancing Shiva) feels, “As mankind progresses in the realm of technology, infrastructure and so on, our thoughts need to progress, one’s sexual orientation is no basis to discriminate individuals as it’s very offensive for a person’s dignity. Mr. Shyam Patel (Philum Makers) quotes “ It is important for people to understand the true emotional journey of the LGBTQ community in our society our web series enlightens the viewer on the harsh reality.”

Ankit Bhatia who plays a bisexual character says that the series is extremely close to his heart and he had no problems romancing a man in the show, Where as Gulshan Nain who had played the homophobic man in the first season matures in the next season and stands up for the basic rights of an individual and against homophobia as well as in support of transgenders.

All About Section 377 season 2 thus is an important content for the world to witness as it aims to break prejudices as well as brings in light the reality of the LGBTQ community.

Take a look at the trailer of season 2 here:

T-Series Hate Story IV to release on March 9

Hate Story IV, directed by Vishal Pandya, produced by T-Series’ Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar will release on March 9.

The revenge drama stars Urvashi Rautela, Karan Wahi, Vivan Bhathena and Ihana Dhillon.

Hate Story IV is a story of greed, passion and revenge set against the backdrop of political upheaval in London.

Indian Doctor cum Producer Anmol Kapoor honored with prestigious award In Canada

Dr. Anmol Kapoor who has entertainment and educated audiences by producing some noteworthy films like Patiala Dreamz (2014), Phullu (2017) and many more has received a prestigious award of Immigrant of Distinction from Immigrant Services Calgary in Canada. Each year, the Herald honours 20 Calgarians making a difference in their community or their mark on a grander stage. Their achievements are significant but, often, are outside the public spotlight. This year Dr Anmol Kapoor has been honored with the efforts he is making to keep Canada a much healthier place.

A producer and doctor, Dr. Anmol Kapoor has always produced films which have a social message backing to it. His film “Palki” which was shot in India and all crew including post production was done by best of Hollywood technicians, was sent to Cannes film festival. It starred Piyush Mishra, Ritika Anand, Rajesh Sharma, Vibha Chibber and special appearance by Dr. Kumar Vishvas and touches issues of women empowerment and education. Similarly, Phullu” which was released on 16th June 2017 also raised women health issues and it starred National Award Movie (Filmistan) actor Sharib Hashmi in the main lead. It was critically acclaimed and we were the first one to touch sanitary napkin issue through this movie. He also partnered with International Platinum Selling Artist Raqhav and released a single with Abhishek Bachchan, Nelly and the video was shot in Africa, where they raised issues of lack of electricity in Africa’s continent and other countries. The video was very well received and Until the Sun Comes up was a hit song which helped raise awareness about this important issue.

Expressing his emotions after receiving the award, Dr Anmol Kapoor says : When you get acknowledged as one of the immigrants of distinction, that tells me that the path I’m working on is the right path and I should keep working in this direction. My work focuses on heart disease prevention, particularly among the South Asian community and women. It is quite difficult and challenging to raise awareness. “Doctors in clinical settings aren’t used to looking at it from the patient’s angle. We’re always giving them advice and treatments but sometimes we fail to understand their background, their ethnicity, and their risk factors. Some have more demands from a heart disease point of view and some have less. The challenge also is making minorities and immigrants aware of the resources available for them. They only come in contact with health-care professionals when the damage is done. I want to make them aware earlier, so we can prevent disease and the damage.”

Kapoor, originally from India, went to medical school in Russia, then came to Canada for more schooling, first in Lethbridge, then Edmonton and Winnipeg. In the fall of 2010, he arrived in Calgary.

He helped establish a clinic in Marlborough, run by nurses, that deals with some 200 heart disease patients, thereby taking the strain off hospitals. He’s also involved in developing an app that will allow patients to be triage at home. It’s a groundbreaking project, deploying artificial intelligence that will undergo a clinical trial.

Modern Naarad made me who I am today: Abraam Pandey

While actor Abraam Pandey has been part of multiple shows, he says that his last show Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot was the turning point in his career. The actor adds that his character of modern Naarad made him quite popular. “This character made me who I am. People started knowing me, started loving the character. This character proved me as an actor in the industry. Also, I was offered Naarad’s role many times after this. But I refused as I did not want to play the same part again. I want to experiment more as an actor. It’s really hard to do mythological shows but playing modern Naarad was a fun and I loved it. Modern Naarad established me as a versatile actor,” he says.

Ask him if he is at all like Naarad, Abraam says, “I am a very straight forward guy. I am blunt. I can say whatever I feel about the person, on his face even if it’s hurting him. I am not like Naarad at all.”

He has a lot of sweet memories of the show. “Whenever a new show is on-air, we would all sit together and watch the first episode. You can say it is the tradition of the production house. One more memory is that on the first day, the second scene was mine and everybody were saying that ‘Yeh Naarad bahot cute hain’ so that was also a compliment for me. J. D. Majethia sir and Aatish Kapadia sir were 100% confident that I will do justice to the role. And also people said that we have never seen a Naarad like you, with a fit body and six pack abs. Earlier whoever played a Naarad were a bit ‘Gol Matol’,” he says.

Talking about his association with the producers J. D. Majethia and Aatish Kapadia, Abraam says, “I am like a kid for both. Majethia sir and Aatish Kapadia sir treat me like a kid. They have taught me many things and are still teaching me. They support me a lot. My association with them is like family. They must be legendary or big for many but for me, they are my family.”

NASHIBVAN first look unveiled

Cinematographer Amol Vasant Gole who has worked for many award winning films has now donned director’s hat. The first look of Gole’s debut directorial film NASHIBVAN was unveiled.

Flying God Films presentation, the film is produced by Amit Naresh Patil, Vinod Manohar Gaikwad and Mahendra Gangadhar Patil, co-produced by Prashant Vijay Mayekar.

Apart from direction, Amol Vasant Gole has written story, screenplay and dialogues with cinematography. NASHIBVAN stars Bhau Kadam as protagonist.


Aimed at bringing compelling Indian tales with universal relevance to an increasingly interested global audience, Sony Entertainment Television (SET) launches its sub-brand ‘SET Originals’ with ‘Prithvi Vallabh’ being the first production to premier under this brand. With SET Originals, the channel will collaborate with new creative storytellers to offer premium, fresh and finite content with superior production values and narratives that have a global appeal.

The show will mark the debut of Anirudh Pathak of Writers’ Galaxy as a Producer and will enrapture viewers by its breathtaking visuals, canvas, and scale of production. A finite series, Prithvi Vallabh narrates a tale of two archival warriors; Prithvi and Mrinal. Prithvi, the heir of the Malwa dynasty, is an advocator of the ‘philosophy of humanism’, while Mrinal, the princess warrior of Manyakhet, is ‘born out of pure vengeance’. It is a unique story that starts with hatred on a battlefield and ends up becoming a grand love story. The show will take us to an era where various Indian states were at constant war for territorial expansion. In this era of continual struggle, Prithvi Vallabh’s philosophy of ‘live and let live’ forms the crux of the show, which is relevant even today. It has both, a sense of history and a mystery of those times.

The show’s stellar star cast includes Ashish Sharma as Prithvi, Sonarika Bhadoria as Mrinal, Pawan Chopra as Singhdant, Shalini Kapoor as Rajmata, Alefia Kapadia as Savita, Jitin Gulati as Tailap, Piyali Munshi as Jakkala, Surendra Pal as Vinayaditya, amongst others.


Danish Khan, Executive Vice President, and Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television:
“It’s time for Indian stories to reach out to global audiences. India has a rich legacy of civilization, culture, literature and history. Indian stories have a universal appeal and are extremely relevant to the world if told well. SET Originals is a step in that direction. Prithvi Vallabh is our first production under the brand. We are delighted to collaborate with Anirudh Pathak, the writer and the creator of the show. With SET originals, we take a brave and visionary leap to define the content for the ever-evolving global audience.”

Anirudh Pathak, Producer & Creator of Prithvi Vallabh
“Prithvi Vallabh is my first show as a producer. I am grateful to Sony Entertainment Television for putting their faith in me and offering us all the backing in creating this world-class series. I do believe there is always a story out there waiting to be told. Behind the story somewhere, there are many unheard of improbable, yet true stories that merit attention. Prithvi Vallabh is one such attempt of ours to present a story of two rival warriors, a complete contrast in personalities, yet connected by one emotion – a hatred which will transform into love, making it one of the most romantic historic love stories of all times.”

Tune in to ‘Prithvi Vallabh’ premiering on January 20, 2018, at 9:30 PM, every Saturday-Sunday only on Sony Entertainment Television!

Jay Bhanushali in great demand for Super Dancers Chapter 2

Rarely does talent come in as focused and dynamic as that of the good looking Jay Bhanushali. Born to be humble and blessed with raw appeal and striking power Jay is known to be one of the most successful actor in the Indian television industry.

Jay who is known for his immense talent started his journey as a host in 2009 with Dance India Dance and has hosted a variety of reality shows. His connection with the audience and the contestants and his comic timings in the show has been the most appreciated making him one of the best anchor in the television industry.

With the news striking high Super Dancers: Chapter 2 that was hosted by Ritvik Dhananjani will now be hosted by Jay Bhanushali for the entire season. Yes that right Jay who was roped in by the producers for a few weekend episodes will now be the host for the entire season want to know why?

As per sources Jay who was been roped in for a few episodes with his immense talent and extraordinary skills won the heart of the audiences as well as the makers making them retain him for the entire season. With the great demand that Jay received in his episodes the producers felt he will be the best person to host the season.

In an conversation Jay he mentioned, “It is always been great hosting the reality shows and now that I am roped in for Super Dancers the audiences will have a laughter riot in the episodes.”

With the great demand for him on the show I am sure Jay would make the season filled with fun and laughter.

Krishna Bhatt shares her experience on directing her father, Vikram Bhatt

Director Vikram Bhatt, who is currently busy promoting his upcoming movie 1921, is also awaiting the release of his daughter Krishna Bhatt’s web series Untouchables where Vikram, has also acted in the series himself.

Vikram Bhatt is all set to launch his own OTT platform and this web series titled ‘Untouchables’ will be featured on this new platform. Krishna Bhatt who has assisted her father in films like “1920”, “Mr X”, “Haunted” and “Dangerous Ishhq” will debut as a director from his web series.

On directing her own father Krishna Bhatt said, “Working with my father is always a learning experience. Only after I started direction did I fully appreciate the powerhouse of knowledge and talent he is. I always look at my dad after every shot and wonder what he thinks of it. I thought working with him would be unnerving but it ended up being the most enriching and fun experience.” She received various inputs from her father while shooting for the series. “He’s an excellent actor and blew my mind with his performance. He had suggestions from time to time which I happily incorporated because it would be silly to turn away from 35 years of experience. I cannot wait to work with him again.”

‘Untouchables’ is a crime thriller courtroom-drama which revolves around a medical student who’s an escort who lands up facing a murder rap when her wealthy client is killed.

KRUTANT shoot completed

Rainrose Films presentation, producer Mihir Shah’s film KRUTANT shoot is completed. The film is directed by Datta Mohan Bhandare and Dattaram Londhe is executive producer.

Director Datta said, “KRUTANT is story about humans busy in today’s life. When one has no time to look inside his self, has forget to talk with himself, how he will have time for others. The film will show a new angle towards life. Everybody will releate to the characters of the film. The film has realistic locations, melodious music, powerfull act and I am sure audience will definitely like.”

The story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Datta Mohan Bhandare, music composed by Vijay Gawande, cinematography by Vijay Mishra.

KRUTANT stars Sandeep Kulkarni, Sayog Gorhe, Vidya Karanjikar, Sayali Patil, Vaishnavi Patwardhan and others.

WHATS UP LAGNA second song released

After immense popularity of son “Tu Jarashi” from WHATS UP LAGNA, now second song “Kuthe Harvun Gele” was released by Finkraft Media and Video Palace.

The song “Kuthe Harvun Gele” is composed by Troy-Aarif and sung by Ketaki Mategaonkar. To increase the curiocity, the makers did not released the video of song but a special video was shot featuring Dance Plus participants Pallavi and Rushabh.

Finkraft Media production, Jai Joshi and Video Palace presentation, the film is idrected by Vishwas Joshi. WHATS UP LAGNA stars Vaibhav Tatwawadi and Prarthna Behre.