Aurangabad’s Yamini Argade-Kulkarni first winner of ‘Gold Jackpot’ in Sam TV’s NASHEEB NAVACHE

Ramesh Dev Productions popular reality game show NASHEEB NAVACHE airing on Sam TV is showering prizes on contestants. Aurangabad’s Yamini Argade-Kulkarni has become the first winner of ‘Gold Jackpot’. After defeating Solapur’s P. B. Londhe-Patil, Yamini has won 1250 gms of Gold. In a press conference held at Mumbai, the winner family was introduced to media. On the occasion Sam TV’s channel head Chandramohan Pupala, marketing head Ashish Moghe, RDP’S Ramesh Dev and Seema Dev with director Sachin Goswami were also present.

Yamini came with her husband Vidyadhar Argade, brother-in-law Manish Keskar and mother Sadhana Kulkarni. Manish is first contestant to reach in 81st box of the game. He completed task with Yamini’s help. After answering few questions correctly Yamini Argade-Kulkarni team won the Jackpot prize of 1250 gms Gold. Yamin said, “For few seconds I can’t believe that I have won the Jackpot. I do not have words to express my feelings. I am grateful to God.” Vidyadhar Argade, Sadhana Kulkarni and Manish Keskar also shared their feelings on winning the Jackpot.

Lots of prizes, entertaining tales and new ideas of the game has made the show tremendous popular in the audience. More than half a dozen families have won the car. Brainchild of Dr. Balaji Tambe the game show is produced by Ajinkya Dev’s Ramesh Deo Productions game show NASHEEB NAVACHE airs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9 pm only on Sam TV.