Asmita Marwa’s Resort, Romance and Style at BPFT 2012, Mumbai

It is a collection that is inspired by the 60s and 70s Woodstock era of fashion when freedom, peace and music expression defined the lives of people. For designer Asmita Marwa her “La Vie En Rose” line is perfect resort holiday wear for men and women.

“I see life through rose tinted glasses so using the colors of the 60s and 70s there is a kaleidoscope of bright hues with lots of deep tones for both the men’s and women’s creations. This time it is silk that I am concentrating on tough usually I do a lot of cotton. The styling is very simple and classic with an emphasis on batik that makes a style statement. There are a couple of saris that are draped differently, but mostly it is western wear with an Indian touch which is not dressy but the prints and batiks are very interesting. The size of the motifs is large and the way they merge with the color tones makes all the difference.”

Asmita has fairly structured silhouettes but there is a lot of fluidity in the cropped pants, tunics, shirts and she has added a few feathers for collars that create the hippy chic era look. Men’s shirts follow the batik story in pink, blue and green with lots of black. The detailing is restricted to raw edges which appear for collars and hemlines and the interesting addition is press buttons, which are the highlight of the collection. “I have not used any button holes for any garments though there is a lot of pleating, pin tucks, one-shoulder or off-shoulder silhouettes which look great for resort wear.”