Ashmit Patel takes a beating from Veena Mallick

Having celebrities on reality shows is common, but getting rumored ex flames together is as spicy as it could get. Ashmit Patel and Veena Mallick will be once again be seen ‘together’ in the premiere episode of a new reality show SUPERSTUD – THE SCHOOL OF FLIRT on UTV Bindass on July 3rd. The two of them together, doing their antics in a reality show is something we truly enjoyed.

While shooting for the episode, Veena was interacting with the contestants and at a junction she mentioned that if a guy ever asked her age or weight she would instantly smack him with her high heels. Ashmit who was beside her immediately confessed that he has been at the receiving end of the beating from those very sandals! Now that’s a confession we like to hear on national TV

Tune in to watch a lot more spice as the Superstud of Television Ashmit Patel trains and polishes the 13 contenders, this Sunday, 3rd July, 7pm only on UTV Bindass!