Artist Vinita Karim and the innerscape…

A globetrotter’s free spirit transposes itself on to the canvas… And emerges to be a colourful yet thought-provoking travelogue transposed on a vibrant canvas. A journey with Vinita Karim and her inner quest unfolds at the Museum Art Gallery from Sept 5 – 11, this year.

Born in Rangoon – Burma, educated in Philippines, armed with a thesis on Artmasala: Multicultural Negotiations Outside Boundaries, a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Stockholm, Sweden and a Diploma in Fine Arts at Gerlesborg Art Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, artist Vinita Karim’s smooth interconnection between her Indian heritage, and her upbringing and life in various cities across the world: Stockholm, Berne, Khartoum, Kuwait, Cairo, Nuremberg, New Delhi, Islamabad, Dhaka, and now Manila comes to the forefront through her amazing works that transcends boundaries.

Vinita Karim, whose works touch India with her exhibition at Museum Art Gallery at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai from September 5 – 11, is one artist whose imagination transposes itself on to her works, the depth of which has never ceased to amaze aficionados and critics alike.

Vinita brings with her, a fascination for Oriental philosophy and a timeless quest for identifying herself with the fast changing pace of modern existence. Her works, as much as she loves her travel, probably also speak of her quest to get home, that is India.

Vinita’s works are in-depth, and stem from her sense of imagination. Her landscapes are what you could term, mindscapes. They stem from her inner space.

“One internalizes a lot of what one sees and experiences and it sort of comes out in one’s work,” elaborates Vinita. Her works, naturally speak of her free spirit as the strokes make their own path and destiny on the canvas, creating images that capture more than just your imagination.

The imagery transcends boundaries, mythologies and cultural linkages. Her current series will showcase works that made their way into the canvas in Tripoli, Libya, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, Manila, Philippines among others, transcending a timespan of four years. The thoughts, the reflections, the place and the mood of the artist reflect in her wo0rks and take you through a timeless journey through the canvas into the artist’s innerspace.

Vinita’s works have changed with time as is common to artists who leave a medium once they master it and move on to take on newer challenges, newer spaces, newer destinies. Two decades or artistic experience after years of formal study, have seen her move from figurative painting to the current landscapes that have transposed themselves from her inner-self on to the  on canvas.

The essence of the artist’s works is the positivity and hope she radiates on the canvas. Like the beautiful flowers that do not let dirt and pollution maim them have found their way through Vinita Karim’s heavy thick oil, impasto strokes.

Part of five vertical paintings that the artist created in Dhaka, the multi-layered works showcase landscape, including hills, dwellings and sea… these elements are not so obvious as compared to the radiant flowers.

“I prefer my paintings to be “open-ended texts” which the audience can interpret individually with their own frame of reference. So yes, that maroon curved line could be a hill and maybe the broken black line represents an electricity pole or telecom tower…to someone,” adds Vinita.

Need we say, this time too, Vinita Karim’s pleasantly thought-provoking works at Museum Art Gallery Kala Ghoda, Mumbai from September 5 – 11, are sure to put the viewer on an edge.