Anybody gives me one I will revert with two, whether its punch or love : Sufzal Saleem

The hot hot famous model Sufzal Saleem talks about Splits Villa experience and his passion.

“I am a Roadies character basically but Splits Villa came to my way. When I was shooting Roadies promo in Kutch, the production guys saw how charming I am. They also marked my gentleman as well as flirty side and how I was communicating with the people. They asked whether I will do reality show. I thought it was Roadies but actually they were asking for Splits Villa.

I am a very passionate guy. If somebody gives me one, I will give two whether it is punch or love.

(ooh laa laa…fans do you hear this?)

I came to Mumbai. I have never watched Splits Villa before. The show was going to be shot in foreign country that’s what I knew. I just thought it will be a foreign tour as well as will benefit in terms of exposure. End of the day I was on the board.

I had never planned any strategy for the show. It was fantabulous, phenomenal experience. I met people with different natures, good and bad both. Guys and gals who can do anything to go to the next level.

During one task when I heard we had to go for strip I was absolutely dumb. As the show lovers know we were told the buyer girls can do anything with us but actually it was only to pressurize. Nothing was going to happen like that. It was the test how better we can present ourselves in such situation. Ahhh it was fun. I really enjoyed dancing.

Though I did not win the show but I got lots of love from the people. Post Splits Villa when people started calling me Youth Icon, it feels really great.

I love Bollywood dance. I remember at the time of Ganesh Visarjan I use to skip my tuitions and just rush to visarjan for dancing on the tunes of Nashik Dhol. Every year during Ganapati festival when I hear the same tune it brings smile on my face remembering those golden childhood days.

Sometimes I miss my friends. I am busy with my work and most of my best buddies are settled abroad. Whenever we catch up, we talk about only one thing and that is girls.

I am diehard fan of Salman Khan. Not only as a star but also as a human being I look up to him. I have tremendous respect for Sallubhai.

I like reading and watching good cinema. Apart from Bollywood and Hollywood I watch Global Cinema to grow my vision as an actor and for every peak of life. I eat, drink and breath cinema. I try all the possible things to polish my art. Right now I am busy with fashion weeks and waiting for the right launch pad for silver screen. I am also open for good reality shows.”

Watch out this space for something more about youth icon Sufzal Saleem.

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  • April 21, 2012 at 9:50 am

    nice bro

  • April 23, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    Bravo suf…..vai così salut frm monu n fam.

  • August 3, 2012 at 8:50 am

    Looking brilliant as always … keep up the good work !!

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