American painter Brian Olsen creates a portrait of Nargis Fakhri

Combining artistic talent with music and lots of energy, Brian Olsen puts on a memorable show called “Chivas Art” where he transformed a blank canvas into a regular masterpiece, in a matter of minutes. Brian is more than just a talented painter, he’s an entertainer. Unlike most painters who enjoy working in the comfort of their own art studios, in peace and quiet, Brian does it in front of an audience, using music as the source of his inspiration.

Dressed in one of his paint-splattered outfits, Brian went off to work on a blank canvas, and in just ten minutes time turned it into the colorful portrait of Marilyn Monroe followed by that of Martin Luther King. The surprise and the most amazing work of art was the live portrait of Nargis Fakhri created to the tunes of popular fusion band Mrigya.

Brian did it all by using up to three brushes in each hand, as well as his fingers and palms. He brushed away to Mrigya’s ‘Mitwa’ number, jumped and kicked into the air, splattering paint at his artwork from time to time, as if to release some of the energy that builds up inside of him. In the end, the audience got a beautiful painting, as well as a unique display of creativity.

Nargis Fakhri describes his work as an “an emotional yet exciting experience” full of surprise.