Aditi Bhagwat selected from India for the ‘One Bit’ fellowship of America

The glorious distinction of ‘One Bit Fellowship’ being approved by the Educational and Cultural Activities Department of the United states of America being offered on behalf of an organization called ‘Found Sound Nation’ operational in the domain of music has been conferred to Ms. Aditi Bhagwat, the famous classical dancer and renowned actress of India. This fellowship is toward the one and a half month long program being conducted from 7th September to 15th October 2012 for which 30 representatives have been selected from throughout the world among whom Ms. Aditi Bhagwat shall be representing India.

The prominent organization called ‘Found Sound Nation’ from America strives to encourage professional artistes active3 in the domain of music. Scores of artists striving to make innovative experiments in the domain of music and thereby making a profound contribution to the society are honored with this glorious fellowship on behalf of this esteemed institution. The ‘One Bit Fellowship’ has been introduced through the visionary approach of Ms. Hillary Clinton to spread the valuable message of peace and unity throughout the world using the medium of music and art. While talking about this exceptional achievement Ms. Aditi Bhagwat says, “I have been conducting scores of Katthak dance performances throughout the various countries of the world for last several years during which I have presented variety of programs that combined fusion with the classical art of Katthak dance. The people of many oth3er countries in general and from the western society in particular have immense attraction and respect toward Indian forms of art and culture and those people offer tremendous respect to the performing artiste along with the art he or she performs. The ‘One Bit Fellowship’ being granted by the ‘Found Sound Nation’ organization is predominantly conferred upon the artiste working in the domain of music. Even though I have traditionally been a classical dancer, I firmly believe that, we produce a special type of tune through the ‘Tatkar’ type of Katthak performances because of our attuned steps during the dance performances and the music generated by the ringing bells tied in our feet. Therefore even while acting in the capacity of dance performer I also act as a music composer. While filling-up the form of the ‘One Bit Fellowship’ I laid a stress over this firm opinion of mine and asserted that while concentrating over the attuned dance steps one can also gain tremendous relief from the taxation of stress, anxiety and tension if any. I assertively expressed that this is a unique form of conducting meditation and argued that I am capable of making this novel experiment come true through the medium of a Katthak dance performance’, says Ms. Aditi Bhagwat while adding that, ‘It could be possible that this assertion made by me backed by my intensive experiments conducted in this domain may have influenced the committee members of this grand fellowship which is why they chose me for this internal fellowship.”

The one and a half month long program being conducted under the auspices of this fellowship shall commence from the Florida city where, during the span of the first 15 days, all the artistes shall be provided with three mobile sound studios and they will be expected to make the necessary preparations such as designing and producing all the music compositions etc for their performances. This program also holds an auspicious social objective of spreading their various forms of art among the students of various American universities located in various American cities such as Washington, Ashwell etc. along with Florida. The climax event shall be performed in the New York City where the artistes shall be endowed with a unique opportunity of performing before the audiences belonging to various countries throughout the world.