Actress turned DJ Shilpi Sharma expresses disapointment with the composers of the song Pallo Latke

Rajkumar Rao song Pallo Latke have been creating a buzz among the audience making the composers really happy about the success of the song. While getting a a lot of appreciation for the song, there is one person out of all of them who is not at all happy and shares sheer disappointment with the composers.
Actress turned DJ Shilpi Sharma popularly known for her blockbuster remixes like ‘Chittiyan Kalayian’ & ‘Baby Doll’ ‘Harry Met Sejal’ expresses sheer disappointment with the composers for taking away her idea of the song Pallo Latke and showing it as theirs.
According to Shilpi since Pallo Latke is a folk song of Rajasthan and her hometown she wanted to re-create this song and give something back to her fans hence she came up with the idea/concept to recreate the song and approached Raees, Sam – Zain for the composition of the song. On Shilpi rejecting the composition made by the composers since it was more of an item song and they not giving credit to her for the song , the three composers without informing or communicating launched the song with Zee taking away her idea/concept of the song and showcasing it as theirs. Though this was not illegal it was surely unethical.
Expressing her views about this Shilpi mentioned, “I always believe in collaborating to grow ,holding hands and run together. This experience has really left me scarred. I will be more guarded in the future.An artist creates to showcase their creativity. Taking someone else’s idea and giving it life under your own name is not an art. Its termed as theft in some cultures. I am emotionally devastes but I am sure i will be more guarded in future. I wish them all the best and good for themselves in the end.”