Aarya Babbar had a fatal accident while shooting with Govinda for AFRA TAFRI

Aarya Babbar was shooting recently for his film AFRA TAFRI with Govinda and Suneil Shetty.

The scene involved Aarya holding a cracker more of a Diwali sequence and while holding the cracker he is talking to Govinda and Suneil Shetty who in their respective characters is standing outside the room.

Suddenly one of the sparks from the cracker Aarya was holding touched the cracker box which was lying just besides him and before anyone would even come to know the entire pile of crackers caught fire hence the room was on fire too. Govinda and Suneil on seeing his got a little worried as Aarya was in the room and the door had flames on it, however Aarya managed to just not think and jump out of the room. His jacket caught fire and he bruised his left arm. Doctors were called on spot immediately and the shoot was stalled for about 2 to 3 hours. Aarya thanks his stars the accident did not get any fatal but the bruise sure was painful.