Aamir Khan will be working for his TV Show on his birthday

Aamir Khan is extremely engrossed in his new TV show. So much so that he has given up his phone, stopped checking mails and wants to focus on his show.

Now, every year on his birthday he is usually at home celebrating with his mom, sisters and kids. He has made it a point over the years to not work at all, however this year is going to be different. For the first time in his career he is mentally prepared everyone at home that he would be working this birthday.

Aamir Khan’s TV show is quiet demanding on him personally and he is involved completely and doesn’t want to lose focus. While his team is trying not to shoot on that day and shoot one day before and after, he would have to work on his birthday as rehearsals and prep work still need to happen.

On the other Aamir Khan has told his team not to be under any pressure and even given them a go ahead to shoot on March 14.