Aamir Khan celebrates his birthday with media folks

Continuing his yearly tradition of celebrating his Birthday with media folks, Aamir Khan yet again hosted media persons at his residence.

On March 14th, the beloved actor brings in his birthday, and the occasion is marked with a heart to heart candid conversation with friends from the media world.

Aamir Khan was seen replicating his birthday tradition and addressed all those present at his residence to mark his special day.

Happy BirthdayThe actor interacted with everyone present, sharing insights of his day and revising instances from the past.

Reminiscing of old times, the actor also shared that his mother gives him the same gift every year, and this year was no different with her preparing Aamir’s favourite Seekh Kebabs.

Aamir who was seen in a content state of mind, gladly addressed the many queries of journalists, speaking at length about his past work, approach to work and also gave out details of his upcoming work.

The actor when asked about his look in Thugs of Hindostan he shared that no look has been finalised yet shared. We are still experimenting with the look.

After garnering humongous response for Dangal, Aamir has specially invited the Phogat family to celebrate his birthday.

Sharing that this year has been no different than the last year, an overwhelmed Aamir was seen blowing candles and welcoming yet another exciting year amidst the cheer and wishes from the Indian media.

Post celebrations, the actor engaged in a candid conversation in the closed doors of his residence, leaving everyone present in awe of his striking personality, before heading to shoot for a special initiative of Paani Foundation.