A Cut Above : Contestants to demonstrate impressive hair styles

The pressure is building up as the stylists are just one step away from the finale. This week the viewers of zoOm will be privy to contestants of Tresemme presents A Cut Above brainstorm to create the most innovative hairstyles with an array of props ranging from metal spikes, stirrers, feathers, buttons and many more. The stylists need to use at least 3 props to give their art the bounce it needs. How well will these stylists make the best use of the eccentric props given to them?

Post this challenge, the contestants will go through the last expert session of the series with none other than Aalim Hakim to learn a few tricks that will give them the edge over others in this field. As the night approaches so does the darkest elimination task of the series.

Futurama is the theme of the elimination challenge and furturistic hairstyles will decide the top three hairstylists of the series. The participants can go wild and draw inspiration from anything from films, nature and architecture all the way to space in order to craft the best hairdo. There is no stopping them this time as they unleash their imagination.

Who will find themselves a place in the top 3 and who will be shown the way out? Catch this intense drama unfold on Saturday, 23rd March at 9 pm

Repeat Telecast on Sunday, 24th March at 10 pm