Music has the power to connect a person to his soul, it can build bridges and in the case of Kumkum, C.I.D, Chandrakanta fame, Gaurav Khanna, it can make you play a string less violin on stage in school. Yes, that’s true!

This World Music Day the very suave and talented actor shares a funny incident about his childhood passion to learn singing but unfortunately he never had the voice or the aptitude to learn. Gaurav is a go-getter who genuinely tried to learn to sing or play an instrument but could never get it right. He adds, “My mother got me a tabla, a casio and even a guitar but my teacher ran away in 2 months. In school, I once really wanted to play the violin on stage with the other kids so I pleaded to my teacher to give me a violin and allow me to go on stage. That day no one knew that my violin was the only one that did not have any strings so I actually played a string-less violin with full gusto and the actor in me began to rise and enjoy the stage.” Gaurav felt like life came full circle when Abhigyan Jha asked him to play the role of a musician for The Socho Project!

Gaurav will be seen as RK in India’s first ever musical web series, The Socho Project which is ready to set your musical chords and screens abuzz in September 2021 under the banner of Mrinal Abhigyan Jha Productions.

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