A young IPS Officer Amrita Singh is handed over a special investigation from the past; only to discover her father in the center of this case. Will she suffer the consequences of chasing the truth? Inspired by author Satya Vyas’ popular book ‘’ comes Hotstar Specials’ next series Grahan – a story that traverses two tales set apart by three decades but connected by one truth. Actors  Pavan Malhotra and Zoya Hussain come together as a father-daughter (Amrita and Gursevak) duo of today; while actors Anshuman Pushkar and Wamiqa Gabbi (Rishi and Manu) revive old-world romance of the 80s in this drama-mystery. The series also features actors Teekam Joshi and Sahidur Rahman in pivotal roles. Produced by Jar Pictures, Grahan has been directed by Ranjan Chandel with Shailendra Jha as showrunner. The 8-episode series is set to release on 24th June 2021 for all subscribers of Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Disney+ Hotstar Premium. 

With intense drama and endearing romance in equal parts, Grahan brings to life a methodical and nuanced style of storytelling that goes back and forth in time. It reveals how the answer to a present-day inquest lies in a bygone love story of Rishi and Manu and how their lives unravel as the story progresses. Riding on the back of a powerhouse ensemble cast, the makers have effortlessly recreated the old-world charm with a special focus on the look of each character and the setting of older Indian cities. In present time, the story shifts focus to Amrita as she tries to unearth the truth about the past, her father and his link to the case that changed the course of their lives. 

Actor Pavan Malhotra said, “Grahan to me symbolizes many things – an innocent love story, a riveting mystery, a complex web of emotions, but most importantly it is the search for the truth. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of many movies and TV shows in my career, but this one is really special to me because of its strong narrative. The question is – what secret is my character Gursevak hiding from the rest of the world? It’s a well-made series and I think viewers will appreciate the story we have tried to weave.“ 

Zoya Hussain added, “Grahan is about an emotional turmoil when an investigation gets too personal; viewers will see the story unfold from my character Amrita’s lens. The interpersonal dynamics of all characters, the treatment and the nuanced writing is what makes it starkly different than any other show in the digital world. The way the story moves between characters while capturing real emotions is what adds to the overall charm of the show.”  

Director Ranjan Chandel said, “Some stories have the power to move you and Satya Vyas’ work Chaurasi is one of them. It is riddled with emotions, commentary on the era and so much more. Based on the premise of this book, Grahan is a powerful drama mystery designed to engross and captivate viewers. At its core it’s about relationships, loyalties, love and what happens when the past catches up with the present and the consequences of it all. Over the years, Hotstar Specials has created some groundbreaking content and we are super thrilled to team up with them for a show of this calibre!” 

Showrunner Shailendra Jha added, “Hotstar Specials is known to back fresh talent and innovative content, so when we approached them with this brave new story we knew we had found the perfect partners for this one! In this new form of storytelling, Grahan brings alive two sides of the same story, set decades apart. The level of tension and intensity fuelled by plot twists, and a mystery at its very core will keep the viewers guessing till the very end. It’s an unpredictable and refreshing watch!”

Watch the trailer here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wsswpTAAU0


In the early 1980s, an old-school romance featuring unspoken feelings and stolen glances blooms between Rishi and Manu in Bokaro. Nearly thirty years later, as a young IPS officer Amrita Singh is set to leave the country after marriage, she is shocked to find out that her father Gursevak has been accused of a heinous crime. Adamant on finding what happened all those years ago, Amrita delves into the case and resolves to unravel the truth. Do these two tales have a connection? What will Amrita do when she finds out the truth? Will Amrita suffer the consequences of chasing the truth? 

Hotstar Specials presents Grahan releases this 24th June exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar VIP. 

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