The impeccable launch saw the very fashionable domicile of Mumbai and amongst those some of the regular faces of the social circuit including Himanshu Soni, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Deepshikha Nagpal, Basannt R Rasiwasia, Smita Gondkar, Rohit Verma, Rakesh Paul, Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, Ananya Chadha, Gananya Chadha, DJ Sheizwood, Aditya Singh Rajput, Prashant Virender Sharma, Madhuri Pandey, Lizaa Malik, Heena Panchal, Yogesh Lakhani, Pratham Kunwar and Maera Mishra and many more. Guests grooved to the tuned celebrity DJ Teri Miko.

Smita Gondkar

Owing to the COVID situation, kudos to the team for acing the safety measures and adhering to all the precautions issued by WHO from social distancing, using masks, sanitizing, each and every guest was personally attended.

Aditya Singh Rajput

Owner of HEX- High Energy Experience, Rahul Rai says, “The purpose of HEX is to provide the residents of Mumbai, with quality entertainment in an enjoyable, pleasant atmosphere. We must prove to our guests that exceptional service is still available and should be expected as part of an entertainment experience”

Deepshikha Nagpal

HEX is a contemporary space serving innovative cocktails, mocktails, and premium alcohol. The food here is a mix of modern Indian, Pan-Asian, continental delights and comfort food that complements the incredible and uniquely crafted cocktails and drinks borrowed straight from the streets of London, Europe, and Paris.

Rakesh Paul

Located in the prime location of Andheri, place opens the early evening at 8 pm for people to grab a drink after work or lounge until late evening to drink and dine. During the wee hours, the club turns into a high energy place with daily performances by in-house as well as some top guest DJs playing a mix of House, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Techno, Commercial, and Bollywood music.

Rohit Verma

The place boasts of a brilliant bar & kitchen with an indulgent menu of different global cuisine delights. It serves deeply researched, mystical recipe secrets to creating progressive fascinating cuisines. The extensively explored twist makes HEX boasts the most strikingly rare menu ever designed.

The main idea behind this establishment is to give night owners a new-age insatiable night club experience. HEX focuses uniquely on creating an experience exclusively for people looking for an exotic location to party.

Marrying the best of old-world charm and new-age dynamics. The interiors have been uniquely conceptualized and designed carefully with minimal objects and a dark color theme. A lot of emphasis and effort has been put in customizing the basis of the light the mood of the hour. Keeping in mind the experiential aspect, the early evening hours will hold subtle warm lights to create a mesmerizing and chic character to the club for people to start off with, eventually leading to a high energy go-to place with chromatic lighting

The seating is comfortable with a mix of high and low-top tables and couches. Having minimal elements in the interior decor provide for a spacious dance floor that will host well-dressed patrons dancing to the soaring energy music.

HEX is the perfect establishment that is a trendsetter as per global standards with its delectable bar and food menu and an impeccable energizing ‘Never to Leave’ experience making it an ideal and memorable venue to party.

The warm welcome by the staff of, HEX lent the guests their first few moments of comfort, it is committed to providing the consumer with the highest level of hospitality services. The lounge aims to create a niche for them and set new benchmarks in quality, efficiency, and service.

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