Amitriyaan is an award-winning versatile actor who received acclamation for his debut film “Manya” and is known for his work in Bollywood films like “Satya-2” by Ram Gopal Varma, and “332” by Sangeeth Sivan. In his recently released film “Atkan Chatkan” which is being presented by AR Rahman, the actor plays the role of Vishnu, father to the protagonist Guddu in the film. Amitriyaan found it quite challenging to play this role, he confesses to us.

He said, “Playing Vishnu was a little tricky for me as an actor, because I had to portray someone older. It’s an intense role and someone who is fighting his inner demons with no one around to share his innermost thoughts. This often leads to him drinking alcohol and venting out frustration on his son Guddu. To look like Vishnu, I had to shed seven kilos. Since it is a musical film, I also learnt Pakhwaaj instrument. I am happy that director Shiv Hare took me for this role. In fact, Shiv and I started our struggle in filmmaking around the same time. He had narrated the script to me a few years back and I had told him I would work even with a little less remuneration. Atkan Chatkan was an emotional ride. It was worth the wait and it helped me evolve as an actor.”

Amitriyaan also shares how he did not enjoy shouting at a child because of his role. He said, “I hope the masses connect with my character because I can relate to the dilemma Vishnu portrayed in the film. When you actually have no one to share your warmth and frustration that warmth comes out as fire to burn your own people around and I felt sad that though in character, I had to shout at a child in the film.”

Amitriyaan is focusing on subject-oriented films in the future. He said, “Christopher Nolan’s filmmaking style I like a lot. Johnny Depp,  Leonardo Dicaprio these are Hollywood actors, who inspire me and Indian  actor Uttam Kumar’s work in Bengali Films also inspire me a lot . Hopefully, I will get interesting films and roles to enact in the future, too.”

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