Angela Krislinzki and Madhav Mahajan look very cute together and it was this lockdown which has really brought them very close. They had to stay apart for a good amount of time and things have been different now. They understand each other better and feel the void more of each other’s presence. It has been a difficult time but it’s good to see the positives of this as well.

We spoke to Angela on this and this is what she says, “We have been together for a good amount of time yet this was different. We stayed apart for a few months and we found the video calls not sufficient initially. We became missing each other much more than ever and it became evident in our conversations. The love has grown. We didn’t do any worldly things for each other yet shared so much. He knows me inside out now and I can say the same for me. It has been a time of rediscovery and a lot of love off late.”

Well, we are happy to read of the love blossoming and we wish them happiness and togetherness.

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