‘Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, was a wise quote by Thomas Edison, who himself knew the path to success meanders through repeated failures and disappointments. This is a life lesson for any artist or creative lad who aims to make a successful career in Bollywood, because, as most rightly say, the film world is a maze, where you will always find more than one way leading you ahead, but round the corner is a dead end or a U turn back to the where u started, or the diversion that will take to closer to your goal, you might never be able to tell!

But if you knew how the maze looks or were given cues to trace the right direction or told how to prepare yourself to make better choices, then navigating through the riddling paths would be a tad easier, isn’t it. Having a mentor or a guide to help you see beyond the horizon is a bliss in any professional journey and Mr. Shashank Khaitan, ace Bollywood director and Film Writer has been playing the role of a master-mentor to only for the young budding talent in the industry, but also for many others who are trying to find their feet in this industry. This time he is collaborating with Bookaworkshop.in for a Masterclass on how one can charter a career path in Bollywood. Shashank himself comes from a non-film background and worked his way up, facing enumerable hardships and challenges, which honed him as a skilled storyteller. His personal journey and struggle is a real life lesson for most aspiring young minds, to know the price of success.

Shashank Khaitan hopes to share his life journey, his struggle, his lessons from Bollywood and some tips & tricks of the industry, but most importantly how to keep your spirit upbeat and stay motivated inspite of the failures, will be a life lesson and inspiration for many of the young talents who dream to make a big career in Bollywood. The Masterclass by Shashank Khaitan is scheduled and details can be sourced at https://www.bookaworkshop.in/event-details/how-to-follow-your-big-bollywood-dream

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