Have you ever experienced a feeling that someone is following you? Or when your mind starts playing random tricks which can make you forget what is real and what’s unreal? Such is the case of the soon to be wed Rayba, who is blessed to have found a match in a beautiful girl Shivani, but he keeps seeing an unidentified girl – a ghost called Sudha, during his wedding festivities.  

Priyadarshan Jadhav has already won a lot of hearts in the Marathi industry with blockbuster hits like Timepass franchise, Halal and Choricha Mamla. He is one of the most popular modern artists of Marathi cinema and has explored multiple genres, ranging across comedy to intense drama. Taking his experience and forte ahead, he is now venturing into the digital world with the Marathi web series, Bhootatlela – a horror dramedy which is also dubbed in Hindi.

Directed by Shivaji Lotan, the show follows the life of Rayba (Priyadarshan Jadhav) and an interesting incident that takes place in his life just before his wedding to Shivani (Surabhi Hande). On his Haldi day, he forgets to take the Katyar given by his mother to keep the evil spirits away and suddenly he feels that someone has started following him. The ensemble cast includes Yogesh Sirsat, Sunil Holkar and Sayli Patil in pivotal roles as well. To unravel the mystery of what happens next with Rayba, stream all episodes for FREE only on MX Player

Watch the trailer now: https://bit.ly/Bhootatlela_Trailer

Watch the series now: https://bit.ly/Bhootatlela_Ep1_YT

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