Richa Chadha’s Quarantina series became a rage on the internet ever since the actress put up her first episode on her social media handles. In her two avatars as Quarantina and reporter Teena Singh, Richa has been bringing out some bizarre and funny news from all over the world. The series conceptualized, written, and shot by the actress herself has piqued curiosity on many OTT giants in the country. It is now being said that the actress has received an offer from a well-known comedy giant to produce the show for them.

A source tells us, “Richa’s impeccable comic timing has always been the talk of the town. With her Quarantina series, fans have been hooked to her social media handles. People have been religiously following it. A well known OTT platform has placed an offer to the actress to develop it as a weekly series for them. She continues to be the writer and helm the show creatively. The actress is contemplating the offer but is yet to give it her final nod.”

In an earlier interview, speaking about the series, she’d said, “The idea was to have fun. My intent is to make people laugh, unlike newsreaders whose intent seems to be to create disharmony in society. Quarantina is just a funny take on things as laughter is the best medicine and quite needed at this hour.”

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