Director Ajit Sable’s FAANDI music was launched in Mumbai in presence of cast and crew. The music is composed by Kunal-Karan who have also penned lyrics. The songs are sung by Aadarsh Shinde, Bela Shende and Nagesh Morvekar. The film will release on 20 July 2018.

FAANDI stars Arun Nalawade, Bhushan Ghadi, Nitin Aanand Bodhare, Sandeep Juwatkar, Vishal Sawant, Amol Desai, Baba Karde, Satish Hande, Feroz Fakir, Bhagyashree Shinde, Sneha Sonawane, Sugandha Sawant and Chanda Jambhale.

The film is presented by Sayali Shashikant Patankar, produced by Rajesh Kharkar, Sayali Patankar and Mahendra Somase. The story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Ajit Sable, cinematography by Sanjay Bapu Thorat, editing by Anil Viththal Thorat, art direction by Rahul Vyavhare, choreography by Ganesh Sarwankar.

Bhushan Aangne, Vithoba Tejas, Amol Desai, Sachin Gaikwad, Jitendra J. Bambhaniya and Anil Shinde are co-producers.

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