Zee Talkies to premier suspense thriller GAIIR

There are very few cinemas which dare to cross the boundaries of film making in terms of locations, cinematography, storytelling etc. Making stylish cinema with strong content is not an easy task. But director Satish Rajwade has done an excellent job with this suspense thriller. GAIIR is considered as a milestone cinema in terms of its visual treatment and equivalent to Bollywood Cinema.

Sameer Shroff is a corporate giant. Smart, young, good looking and dashing personality. He marries an NRI’s daughter – Neha .Just like other newly married couples, they have a dream of pleasant future ahead. Suddenly, Neha and some other friends and colleagues of Samir realise that Samir’s duplicate exists in the same city. Samir’s duplicate targets Neha and tries to disturb his personal as well as professional life. Inspector Avinash Sardesai helps Sameer to solve the issue. But during investigation Avinash come across with some interesting facts & finds out that it’s a big trap. Finally, movie ends with a shocking conclusion, certainly worth watching.

The best part about the film is it scores well in technical as well as on creative aspects. Tight screenplay, good dialogues and fast pace of film makes it interesting to watch. GAIIR has fresh and extremely popular star cast like Sandip Kulkarni, Amruta Khanvilkar, Tejaswini Pandit, Ankush Chawdhari who adds more glamour to the overall look of the film. Director Satish Rajwade, known for his path breaking work in Marathi cinema like “Ek Daav Dhobipachhad” and “Mumbai Pune Mumbai” has ventured in suspense thriller with GAIIR. The film has got commercial success as well as critical acclaim, is one of the most notable Marathi suspense thrillers in recently released films.

GAIIR– Sunday, 23rd October @ 12.00 pm only on Zee Talkies