Zaveri & co. unveils its mesmerizing Peacock Collection

Vivid colours and iridescent hues of peacock exemplify the beauty of nature and to add these exuberant colours to your ensemble, Zaveri &co. has introduced a truly exceptional range of peacock shaped and hued jewellery. Whether you feel like being stylish and feminine or decadent and gleaming, this assortment from Zaveri & co is stunning, striking and effortlessly matches your mood.

A union of elegance, unparalleled beauty and intricate craftsmanship, the peacock collection from Zaveri & co. showcases peacock shaped neckpieces and earrings, hand crafted with a combination of traditional meenakari work on gold with modern precious colored stones. These extraordinary creations fit any occasion and their unique designs make this ornate collection an exquisite work of art to be treasured for generations.

Inspired by peacock and its multiple shades, the designs by Zaveri & co. open the door for new dimensions in ornamental creativity. The Peacock Collection by Zaveri &co. lends a royal feel but the frivolous twist in designs makes them a perfect match for your modern attire. This scrumptious jewellery from Zaveri &co. is sure to satisfy all your capricious needs!

Description of the Jewellery:

Peacock Neckpiece 1: This enduring peacock neckpiece and earring sets from Zaveri & co. is such a classic that it is set on yellow gold and beautiful green and yellow enameling is done on the necklace. The eye first settles on the charming peacock that is at the centre of this neckpiece and is enameled with different hues and studded with blue coloured stones.

Peacock Neckpiece 2: Whatever the latest jewellery designs be peacock style will never go out. This enchanting set from Zaveri & co. is truly a masterpiece. Crafted with meenakari work on the necklace with green colored stones hanging at the base.

Zaveri & co. has established itself as the high-end jewellery brand, by designing innovative collections, which mainly incorporate diamonds, colored stones, white gold and yellow gold by providing high quality products which satisfy the aspiration of every Indian woman.