Yukti Kapoor of Agnifera fame celebrates her very first Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai

Festivity is in the air and Mumbai is decked with lights and decorations to welcome Lord Ganesh. You will see excitement across the city from private homes to public Pandals where people worship the Lord with a lot of reverence and love. Agnifera’s lead actress Yukti Kapoor got the opportunity to visit the very famous Borivali Cha Raja Pandal where she was stunned by the life-like image of Lord Ganesha and the beautiful decoration around him.

Sharing her experience, she said, “I belong to the city of Jaipur where Ganesh Chaturthi is not celebrated with as much pomp and glory. Therefore, I was very excited to celebrate the festival in Mumbai this year and was looking forward towards it, as till now I had seen it been celebrated only in movies. I am blessed, that I got the opportunity to worship Lord Ganesh by doing the Maha Aarati and it was a truly divine experience. “

Agnifera is an unconventional story that saw two diametrically opposite girls being married into the same family. The show airs Monday to Friday at 8:00p.m only on &TV​