Yash Chopra announces the happy culmination of a journey after JAB TAK HAI JAAN

At an emotion filled evening, Yash Chopra on his 80th birthday, in conversation with Shahrukh Khan, took everyone by surprise when he announced his retirement from directing films post his Diwali 2012 release JAB TAK HAI JAAN. He said, “I want to enjoy life now. Let me do it while I am still young.”

An enlightening trip down memory lane, from his early life and his first film, DHOOL KA PHOOL in 1959, Shahrukh took the master storyteller and the undisputed king of romance, through his life’s journey. Several identifiable and nostalgic memories dotted this lifetime of a truly passionate filmmaker. 22 films spanning a career of 53 years as a director, over 40 years as head of Yash Raj Films and a lifetime of yeoman service to the Indian Film fraternity, Yash Chopra has stood for the one principle he strongly believed in all his life which was instilled in him by his mother, ‘Apne dil ki suno’, (Listen to your heart).