Yaadein Bachpan Ki: An independent 14 minute short film has changed the trend

In today’s generation where everyone is watching on youtube for free here comes a short film Yaadein Bachpan Ki on www.djkary.com/movies which has set a new trend to rent the short film by clicking a green button of RENT FULL HD MOVIE for 150/- for viewers and surprisingly building up a great response. The short film is about childhood friendship and gives a social message that “why it is important for grown up to be with childhood friends.” Interestingly it has a title song Yaadein Bachpan Ki in it too which shows 90’s era beautifully and making everyone miss their school & college times best friends. Good thought for children to learn about friendship values.

The film is staring Kary Arora, Vaishnavi Joshi, Dhruv Bulsu, Shubham Birla.

Produced by Kary Arora, Devashsish Nayyar & Beauty Anthology School.

Music, lyrics, Story, Singer & Directed by Kary Arora.

We asked the producers of Yaadein Bachpan Ki, Why anyone should rent the movie online?
Kary Arora: Someone asked me the same question and I asked him how many short films you have seen on childhood friendship? He said none in recent times. Then I asked him how many song you remember on childhood? He said perhaps 2 or 3. So there you go Yaadein Bachpan Ki is a rare story where content is the king, lot of children have worked in it and I don’t want to devalue their talent by showing it for free plus we don’t charge a huge annual subscription fee to the viewer, they only pays for the movie to rent. 70% of independent youtube videos are either cover songs, comedy episodes or just crappy videos where viewers are abusing the artists. Youtube artists have got into a rat race of buying views and i want to earn genuine fans. So whoever will rent it on www.djkary.com/login.php will be our genuine follower. You see people are bored of watching movies on relationships, politics etc and they don’t mind spending 150/- to watch fresh, different and never seen before movie. Thankfully we are building up a great response.

What are the benefits of renting the movie online?
Devashish Nayyar: Comparatively when a viewer goes to cinema with family it costs about 3000/- including tickets, food and petrol whereas watching a movie online is only 150/- for the whole family. We give validity to rent it for 4 days so you can watch it again with your mates in office/ college etc within the same price. Today’s generation is moving on amazon prime, netflix etc to watch good movies and we are also catering a short film Yaadein Bachpan Ki as an independent to prevent from piracy. The viewer can connect his/her laptop to his/her TV and enjoy the movie with whole family at home. We show ads free movie so there are no interruptions and one can enjoy the movie to be fully entertained.

What were the challenges faced in the making of Yaadein Bachpan Ki short film?
Beauty Anthology School: The biggest challenge was the looks of Kary Arora. We had to show her as a teenager in the title song which is seen in flashback. We did beauty & hair styling competition to hunt the best artist. Another challenge was to hunt dancers who could portray 90’s era so we conducted a dance competition. Similarly actors hunt was conducted and we built a superb team for the movie like this. We conducted workshops and rehearsals for perfection and we are very happy with the way Yaadein Bachpan Ki is shot and performed by so many children, teenagers and everyone in it.