Who’s opening an exclusive fitness center in Bollywood??!

Post the box office bonanza of DOUBLE DHAMAAL, actor Ashish Chowdhry, we last heard was heavily involved in his entrepreneurial security agency venture. But looks like the success of one business isn’t enough for him, as sources close to him are talking about his plans for opening an exclusive fitness project very soon!!

Ashish who has one of the fittest and sculpted bodies in B-Town, has apparently been told many times by friends and co-actors since years to start something of his own, as he such a deep knowledge of fitness.

The actor who has helped many people over the years with their bodies, and is known for his workable tips, is reportedly working on a 360 degree venture that will include a luxurious gymnasium, spa and a holistic body centre, say sources!!

And what’s more, this is just one of his business ventures; the actor is also in hush talks with his closest B-Town buddies for other innovative ideas as well.

Well…with the fitness craze spiraling each day, looks like this is going to one much awaited venture!!…watch this space for more updates!!