Vindu Dara Singh injured on the set of film ‘Son of Sardar’

The son of sardar has been shooting since the start of March and it being an action film along with a family comedy is having its own share of injuries like the Indian cricket team on a long tour. The stunts in this Ajay Devgn film will be spectacular is an understatement. Not just Ajay but Sanjay Dutt is also always keen to do his own stunts along with the horse riding ones which are not easy by any length of imagination.

No wonder the ambulance parked all the time is being put to good use. The latest on the injury list were Vindu Dara Singh, Mukul Dev and a fighter who was doing a bike stunt. All of the main men have suffered a few blows to light up the audiences Diwali and can’t wait for the 30th of November when the hard work gets just rewards.