Vighnaharta Ganesha to see a high voltage drama in the show

Sony Televisions mythological drama Vighnaharta Ganesha that has been really eye catching for all its viewers left no stone unturned with its upcoming sequences.

As discussed earlier the show was seen in the track where Chirag Jani Aka Sindhura was seen planning and plotting against Lord Ganesha. He sent people to kill him which ended up making the plan an unsuccessful one.

What is revealed next is really surprising. Chirag Aka Sindhura finally found out the one and only way to kill Lord Ganesha. Yes you have heard it right Sindhura can kill Lord Ganesha if he gets the Amrit.

Sindhura was seen hypnotizing Survya Dev, Chandra Dev in Indralok to know where he would find the Amrit and is now seen heading to Swarg Lok for the same.

Tables turn when Sindhura finds out that it is really not easy to get the Amrit. He will have to clear fives stages to get the amrit that also within the time span of Lord Ganeshas meditation.

What stages would Sindhura have to go through?

Will Sindhura be able to get the Amrit and Kill Lord Ganesha?