Vicky Kaushal suffered through insomnia for RR 2.0

Vicky & NawazVicky in his upcoming release Raman Raghav 2.0 is donning the gray shaded role of a on the edge cop Raghav for which he had done his good share of preparation for his role in the film. Vicky truly believed to understand the psyche of his character in the movie and to achieve his character in depth ended up not sleeping for nights in a row in order to only develop habitual insomnia and would go for lengthy walks in the night in order to understand Raghav’s character. In order to look his character Vicky needed to look someone who’s edgy and ill maintained. This landed up intervening into his personal life and it took days after the shoot for Vicky to completely recover from the habit he had formed which ended up of him not sleeping for various nights.

Donning the gray shadeA source informs, “Vicky took to insomnia almost unknowingly. He had to look like physically and especially on his facial outlook that he’s someone who’s a drug addict and to look so one best way was to avoid sleeping to look tired and irritable. Changing your body block and bringing it back to normal takes a while and thus once he wrapped up shoot, he had to struggle for a bit to completely rid away his insomniac troubles”.