” Bohemia: The Art Walk ” organized by Sangeeta Wadhwani at the Pink Ginger Art Gallery over the weekend saw some great talent on display. From music to theatre to tantric chants to information on digital art , the evening was a complete entertainment package.  Despite the heavy Mumbai downpour, spirits were high and so were the energy levels.

  Gary Richardson and his team opened the show with a play titled , ” Double Suicide” and set the tone for a panel discussion on the recent spate of suicides in the city. The panelists for the discussion included Viveck Shettyy, Meher Pestonjee, Madhuri Bhatia and Gary Richardson.  Viveck Shettyy, then went on to speak on author and management guru , Robin Sharma’s latest best seller, ” The Leader Who Had No Title”  as a spell bound audience listened with rapt attention.

Navin Gandharv performed on a very rare musical instrument called the , ” Belabaharr” and its unique sound was indeed music to the ears.  Viveck shettyy and his band then further raised the temperature with his renedition of popular Bollywood numbers like, “Yeh Zameen Ga Rahi Hai” and ” Dil Kya Kare”.  Priyankaa Mathur gave valuable insights into Hindustani classical music with her performance.  Madhusudan Kumar’s music on the sitar was also well appreciated.

 Gunjan Coulagi spoke on Buddhism as a philosophy and her inner experience in painting “Buddhas”. A presentation on digital art and the various permutations and combinations possible by combining human skill with the latest technology was clearly an eye opener.  Sangeeta Wadhwani spoke about her book “Bollywood on the bend” and also recited a couple of poems.  Viveck Shettyy and his band came back for an encore and this time round had the audience swinging to some electric, fast paced  Bollywood rock music. This evening was indeed a completely enriching and holistic experience with arts and artists.