Udita Goswami prepares for Hollywood!

Udita Goswami who has finished shooting for DIARY OF A BUTTERFLY is holidaying with friends in Las Vegas as she finds Vegas a very happening place. After that she intends to go to L.A. where she has a Hollywood agent Simone Sheffield who co-incidentally is Aishwariya Rai’s agent also. Udita has edited her new show reel for the same. She feels world cinema has evolved and variety of films are being made be it Bollywood or Hollywood.  Udita wants to leave no stone unturned in making an effort. She feels it’s a matter of luck and destiny and one role can being a turnaround in career. Udita has got couple of good bollywood offers also and she is going through the scripts and would finalize a project soon. She feels she has done very few films like Paap, Zeher and Aksar and she definitely wants to increase the quantity of films in her career graph and has a long way to go. Well Udita where there is a will there is a way, All the best!