Tripet Garielle launches her new single ‘Jhoom’ this New Year 2017

Having launched three popular singles   ‘Woh Pal’ ‘Saathiya ‘and ‘Aa Vee Jaa’ successfully last year, the acclaimed Tripet Garielle has launched her new single, Jhoom this New Year 2017!

With her unique and unmatchable talent of singing songs in different languages, the gorgeous singer-entrepreneur serves her fans by allowing her music to take fans into another world. She has crossed over many genres and languages with a definite Bollywood infused sound.

launched new single JhoomHer eccentric ideas in the music space have resulted in creating a huge fan base in a short span of time. An artist with a vision – to crack Bollywood as a British artist, Tripet’s unique voice continues to attract fans worldwide. She is extremely hands-on with her art crossing over multiple genres and languages and is on route to capturing fans worldwide with the launch of her latest single ‘Jhoom’.

With a unique voice that appeals to music buffs across the globe – from Mexico to India, Germany to Dubai, Tripet has upmost attention to detail and has a vision both in the recording studio and on set for her videos.

Garielle informs, “Jhoom was an experiment since I am usually more into soft romantic Arijit Singh style numbers yet very intentionally produced  with a dominating Bollywood style. No two songs are ever the same experience for me behind the mic. I remember how playful I felt the night before recording the song and this playful intention carried me through to the end of my recording session the next day.”

Known as the ‘Voice of Love’“Although this dance number is getting an extremely fair amount of attention I do have fans messaging me saying they miss my sad romantic style. Jhoom was released during Christmas for fun. While the song definitely shows my versatility, I do have a soft spot myself for sad love songs,” she adds.

“Making music is the fun part, my voice is the serious part.” Such has been passion for music that she flies from London to Dubai to work with the renowned Atif Ali one of the most renowned music producers of Middle East, who has worked with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam & many others from Bollywood.

Tripet lives by the need to give a clear message to the world “Love yourself and spread love like a virus to others.” Her spoken voice similar to her singing voice talks a language of love, as she embarks on creating her own tribe of “Luvsters, across the globe, making fans feel a lot more than just fans.”

Often spotted with a green tea in one hand whilst listening to Italian Opera, her talents stem beyond singing. Her passion for learning languages has given her a story of years of dedication to achieve her dream to sing in language she cannot speak but so much admires – the language of Bollywood. Acknowledging the efforts required to get a handle on the language itself, she spent years studying Indian Language to sing in Hindi. Her dedication is admirable considering she practices the Indian accent & pronunciation daily up until today. She admits she never attended special language classes to learn Hindi & Urdu, instead she allowed Lata Mangeshkar and Shreya Ghoshal to be her accent teacher.

As an inspiring female who lives to inspire, she is engaged on a charity project – ‘sponsor a dream’ – working with Orphans to help them design their dreams empowering them to live their dreams like how she did. The 2nd biggest project she is working on in 2017 is a short film based on real life events she showcasing her difficult moments as an Independent Female Artist leading her to almost give up at several points during her career. This film is one of her spotlight projects for 2017.