TI AANI ITAR deals with women problems

Having tag line “Silence is not an option”, veteran director Govind Nihlani’s upcoming film TI AANI ITAR trailer and poster was launched on social media recently. Both realises the problems faced by women.

The film stars Subodh Bhave and Sonali Kulkarni in lead. The film also stars Amruta Subhash, Avishkar Darvekar, Bhushan Pradhan, Priya Marathe, Suman Patel and Ganesh Yadav.

Govind Nihlani who has given films like Ardhsatya, Aakrosh, Tamas, Drohkaal is now debuting in Marathi films. So the curiosity of cine lovers is on high.

TI AANI ITAR is based on English play ‘Lights Out’ by Manjula Padmanathan. The screenplay and dialogues are written by Shanta Gokhale, music by Vasuda Sharma, lyrics by Mandar Cholkar, editing by Pradeep Prabhakar Panchal.

Himanshu Thakur presentation, the film is produced by Prakash Tiwari, Puneet Singh, Dayal Nihlani and Dhananjay Singh. TI AANI ITAR is releasing on 21 July 2017.