Though very beautiful women have fear, emotions, insecurity…: Vikram Bhatt

After a gap Vikram Bhatt has again teamed up with brothers’ banner Vishesh Films with RAAZ 3. It is said that the film is inspired from his real life story. GLAMGOLD met Vikram who talked about the film and other personal things.

GG) RAAZ 3 is like returning to your home…

VB) Whenever this question is asked I really think what was the reason I had left Vishesh Films. To have difference of opinion is normal. Mukesh and Mahesh have always helped me a lot. I am watching their work since I was four. After my four films sinked they gave me FAREB which became turning point for me. Returning back to Vishesh Films is very emotional for me. RAAZ 3 is not only a film for me but with every frame of it I really say thanks to both.

GG) How different is RAAZ 3?

VB) First RAAZ was made esthetically. Its music was awesome. RAAZ 3 has very nice human story, secondly melodious music and then third is horror element. You will see great drama, scary sequence and good performance.

GG) What is new in RAAZ 3?

VB) In a concept way there is something but I can’t reveal. That is new part of the film.

GG) Have you come across any person doing black magic?

VB) No I have not seen anyone. But we believe in ‘Buri Nazar’. Hum bachche ko kala tika lagate hai, nazar utarte hai…It all depends upon person to believe it or not. I think people believe in black magic more than spirits.

GG) Is RAAZ 3 inspired by your real life story?

VB) Not exactly. I had relationship with two actresses, lived with them very closely. Though very beautiful every woman have fear, emotions etc. I have seen fear, insecurity in both. Something I have felt up, close and personal. In RAAZ 3 Emraan plays a director who is caught between two stars. Secondly I have lived my life very dramatic. RAAZ 3 can’t be made so dramatic.

GG) What difference you saw in Bipasha from first RAAZ to this film?

VB) There is lots of difference. In these ten years she has done big films.

She has grown up. I will tell you one interesting thing of first RAAZ. Bipasha and Dino danced for a song in that which was worst. I had to edit that song.

GG)  Bipasha’s character is inspired by Amisha?

VB) No. I have seen Amisha’s pain, pain of failure. Both of us were going through bad phase but that does not resulted in black magic. I have seen her fighting back to bring that time. Same with me. So why she alone, it applies to me too. Fortunately I got success as director.

GG) What could be the reason she did not rise again?

VB) Beauty has shelf life. Hero of Hindi films have long life, long career but not heroin. That is unfortunate part of Bollywood.

GG) According to you what was the reason of DANGEROUS ISHQ failure??

VB) I think the film failed on marketing side more than as film. We use to talk about past life regression but people were talking about Karishma’s comeback film.

GG) Which horror film you like?

VB) Paranormal Activity. It is very scary in less effort. I like Exorcist also.

GG) Would be Krishna a director?

VB) Yaa. I think she also wants to be an actor but she is not telling me.

GG) What next?

VB) Haunted 2 and Hate story 2. We are finding for woman for Hate story 2.