This monsoon, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla welcomes you to the jungle themed Rainforest Restorbar

If you are tired of living a drab life in a concrete jungle it’s that time of the year to escape to the wilderness and indulge in the Monsoon mania. From creepers to rocks, from green foliage to sounds of the jungle there’s nothing you won’t find at the fascinating restrobar housed at Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla, Mumbai.

Inspired from the Amazon rain forests ‘Rainforest Restorbar’ promises to give you a distinctive jungle experience. This multi cuisine wild themed restaurant is the perfect choice for a unique dining experience. The dark and dense forest captivate your senses as guests cross over a bamboo bridge with a wild lily pond to be greeted by a warm tribe of forest rangers, who ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime. With welcoming bonfire seating and unusual rustic table settings, you are sure to be surrounded by faux wildlife and more.

A perfect way to start the evening is with specialties from the tribal bar tender who whips up dazzling concoctions under a rocky alcove. Choose from a wide selection of gourmet delicacies and seafood specialties across Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines. From the irresistible entrées and mains to an assortment of heavenly desserts, the master chefs sure have a host of culinary delights awaiting you at Rainforest. Don’t miss the Prawn Cocktail, Pasta Platters, Cheese Fondue and the comforting Risotto on the Italian menu. Or immerse yourselves in the Crab in Chinese preparation, Aragosta Alla Busera, Murgh Mussallam and a variety of Sizzlers. For those craving some sugary delights be prepared for the heavenly Tiramisu, Baileys Delight and the Caramel Honey Tossed Noodles.

So this monsoon, come and experience the Amazon rainforest at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla!