There were rejections, rejections and rejections : Sambhaji Sasane

The very talented actor Sambhaji Sasane is a scholarship holder of Drama School Mumbai for their first year of One Year Theatre Making Course. He did shows at Prithvi, NCPA, Rangshankara, Ninasam among others. He played lead in a play directed by Daniel Goldman called ‘Tartuffe’. The handsome hunk is debuting on big screen with Marathi film WAGHERYA. Talking to GlamGold, Sasane spills the beans over his journey to big screen.

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) Tell us about your background.
SS) I have completed my post graduation in Computer Science and have been involved in theater since I was a kid. I use to put up plays for occasions like Ganpati, fresher’s parties in college. Right from Makeup, Handling Clothes, Lights, Sound to putting them up, I was involved in each aspect. I was involved more in the backstage work in theater before getting a chance to work on stage.

GG) How did your journey start?
SS) The journey started with shifting to Mumbai from Pune in 2013 and being clueless. I didn’t know who to approach, how to approach? I use to make a list of people I need to meet daily and only ended up meeting few of them. There were rejections, rejections and rejections. One thing was clear in my mind, there was no looking back. I still remember the journey I use to have daily from Thane to Prithvi Theater to meet people or watch plays. Someone told me that you might get work at Prithvi Theater.

GG) Then?
SS) I was a part of Yuki Ellias’s workshop at that time. She suggested me auditioning for a Drama School in Mumbai. I auditioned and I received a scholarship from Drama School Mumbai which helped me pursue Theatre Making course there. We toured with our production team as a part of Drama School. Finally, I started getting work through people who saw my work in theater.

GG) So it was a tough journey.
SS) Honestly, yes. I still wonder what is the way ahead… but I want to work with my favorite directors in the Indian Film Industry & Theater. I have decided that I shall keep on doing what I have done in the past…reaching out and doing good work.

GG) How did you get WAGHERYA?
SS) As I said, after the work in theatre people who saw my work recommended and it started falling into place. A friend who came to saw “Tartuffe” recommended me for “Wagherya”. Then I had the first round of auditions with director Sameer Asha Patil and finally ended up getting the role.

GG) How did you feel when you first faced the camera?
SS) Nervous, Anxious & Excited. Yes, I recall I was a bit of nervous but the people around were encouraging and it went through.

GG) Tell us about your character.
SS) I play the role of Sam who is a leader of a small gang in a village. Sam is having an affair with the daughter of the Akhada owner of the village who is not pleased with the looks (Sam is a lean fellow and is not a bodybuilder) & mannerisms of “Sam”. He struggles to win over her father’s faith so that he can end up marrying her. Sam is not so confident and doesn’t know how to go about doing it but destiny had something in store. It takes a big turn… The rest shall be revealed on 18th May I believe. 🙂

GG) How easy or hard was it to play Sam?
SS) The brief from the director helped a lot to shape up the character. The direction team was very open with experiments and that helped me understand the character. Sameerji’s guidance in understanding the language in the village (which is based out of Nashik) helped a lot. I would give the credit to my co-actors and the direction team who have helped me take the journey to understand the character.

GG) Your most memorable moment during the shoot?
SS) The first scene I shot was with Hrishikesh Joshi where me and a friend were having a conversation with him. It happened fast and remains special. It was the first time I faced a Feature Film Camera and it went pretty smooth than I had expected.

GG) Have you ever faced this kind of a fear (like in the film) ever in your real life?
SS) (laughs) Yes. I used to visit my village with my family during vacations as a kid. I was very fond of going near the river with a bunch of my friends. My family was worried that I might drown in the river. So my sisters cooked up a story that there was this huge animal inside the river that eats up kids. But curiosity never stopped me, I was afraid but I tried discovering the river.

GG) What’s next?
SS) I have recently completed a Marathi film titled ‘Lalbatti’ directed by Girish Mohite playing a Commando and a Hindi film ‘Love & Shukla’ directed by Siddharth Jatla (FTII).