The show must go on : Ranjan Chhabra

The guy from Ghaziabad Ranjan Chhabra did theater for three years. He is debuting on silver screen with SAARE JAHAN SE MEHNGA. The handsome dude shares his journey and experience of the film.

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) Did you always want to become an actor?

RC) Actually never thought about it while studying. I was doing a course in journalism. During that we have to work out to get practical experience. I use to assist passed out students. That time during one ad shoot the actor did not came. Director make me to do that. It was my first experience facing camera which I enjoyed. From the bottom of my heart I felt yes this is my cup of tea.

GG) How did your journey start?

RC) I came to Mumbai five years ago with dreams to work in TV serials. I gave many auditions but was getting cameo offers. People advised me not to do that roles which could make stereotype. I did theater for three years with ‘Theatrix ‘ group. The director of the group Roopesh Thapaliya runs acting institute ‘Kreating Characters’ where I learned acting. He advised me to do plays.

GG) Then?

RC) I did the play ‘Aadhe Adhure’ which I feel big achievement for me. I also did another play ‘Dastak’. I did ads and commercials.

GG) How did you get SAARE JAHAN SE MEHNGA?

RC) Writer of the film Roopesh Thapaliyar introduced me to director Anshul Sharma. He did 3-4 days workshop with me where he felt I was perfect for this character. He also told that he can see Gopal in me. So I was on the board.

GG) Tell us about the film.

RC) It is a satirical film on mehnghai. There are films on this subject earlier but other issues also. In our film prior issue is mehnghai then other things. There is comedy throughout the film. It will make you laugh but in the end tears will come in your eyes. It make an impact on your heart. Everybody will relate to film.

GG) What is the usp of the film?

RC) It is a story of common man that is the usp. If one think about another name of the film it would be ‘Mirror’ as it shows the image of day to day life and problems of common man. The story is the hero.

GG) Tell us about your character.

RC) It is family of four people. The grandpa played by Vishwamohan Badola, elder son played by Sanjay Mishra, bhabhi played by Pragati Pandey and I am playing yuonger son Gopal.

GG) How much you relate to your character?

RC) Uhhh…Well Gopal is very different from me. Nature, behavior, body language everything is different.

GG) So what preparation you did to play a character different from you?

RC) I lost atleast 25 kg weight in three months. I learned Haryanvi accent, body language of a guy from middle class family having dreams but facing problems.

GG) Do you have love angle?

RC) Yaa. Deesha Pandey is opposite me.

GG) There is no big name in the film. Do you think it will affect?

RC) Certainly not. See a star comes with baggage. In any film the star is first then character and lastly film. If there is non-star artist then the film and character come first. That is more important for any film. Our film is about common man so was not necessary to have star.

GG) How was your experience working with Sanjay Mishra?

RC) Wonderful. He is very nice person. Initially I was bit nervous cause he is from NSD and senior actor. But first day only he became very friendly. In fact all the co-actors were very good. I felt I am with my family.

GG) Any memorable incidence during the shoot?

RC) Two months before the shoot started I met with an accident. Director Anshul Sharma took me to Lilavati Hospital. My left leg had fracture and I had to take bed rest for two months. Then shoot started at Wai. First day only I was injured doing a bike scene and that too also left leg. I believe the show must go on. I continued shoot with injured leg. I t took three months to get well.

GG) What kind of film you want to do?

RC) I am restricted to love story, else I am open for any kind of films. I do not want to do typical lovestory which our audience has seen many times. There should something on the story. Some other point which should be the hero of the script. I will do less films rather than to get typecast.

GG) What next?

RC) I am doing BACH GAYE RE OBAMA which is sequel to ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’. Two more scripts I am reading but yet not finalised.