Sandeepa Dhar turns muse for artist Prithvi Soni

Prithvi Soni is known for his ability to bring rustic beauty to life on the canvas. But this time out, there was more to his painting exhibition than the works at Artists’ Centre, Kala Ghoda. Actor Sandeepa Dhar, the latest of Sooraj Barjatya’s heroine turned muse with this exhibition.

Says Soni, “When I saw ‘Isi Life Mein’, what struck me the most was Sandeepa’s innocence. I wanted to capture that innocent beauty on the canvas.”

Says Sandeepa, “When Prithviji expressed the desire to paint my portrait, I was touched. It is a great honour.”

The event also saw artists of the like of Gautam Patole, Varsha Vyas, Ramji Sharma, Sonalli Iyengar, Sumita Acharya, Madhusudan, Milon Mukherjee, Vicky Sidanha, Naveen Gandharv,  acclaimed singer Dr Soma Ghosh among others cheering Soni.

The series also brings to light Soni’s interpretation of pretty women from the deserts of Rajasthan in its myriad hues. “Rustic Indian women and the beauty of the music of Rajasthani folk have a special place in my heart. They breathe life into my canvas,” says Soni who feels that the Indianness of the woman and her ability to endure extreme climatic conditions and life in the desert and still be so serenely beautiful makes her so special.

“The morning in the desert brings with it a new mood a new beginning and that reflects in my paintings as well. Somewhere even mirages are akin to oasis…. When you feel them, you see them, they are real fo the moment. The beautiful women I showcase in my canvas are such. They come out to be a part of my life when I create them,” enthuses Soni.

This time out, there are over 21 current works of the Desert Beauty along with a spread of nostalgia over film posters, calendars and book covers, and photographs that span Prithvi Soni’s illustrious career as actor opposite Anil Kapoor as villain in Jigarwala among others. Check them out!

Kiran Shantaram was the Chief Guest for the event. “This is a special moment for me,” says Prithvi soni, “As a child, I was inspired to get into painting by his younger sister Rajshri. As a 14-year-old, I made her sketch after watching the film Geet Gaya Patharon Ne and sent it to her. She sent me an inspiring letter and her photograph and told me she knows that I would grow to be an acclaimed artist of the future. Those words made me take up art. Today, her brother inaugurated my exhibition and that is like reliving my life all over again.”