THE LOST TAPE : Fear factor in new avatar

Baphna Films presentation, producer Ashok Baphna’s venture THE LOST TAPE is made on Hollywood’s famous ‘found footage’ style of film making. The film is passionately directed by Rakshit Dahiya the ex-student of Whistling Woods International. In February 2012 a film on same track was released by Percept Pictures.

The film revolves around five friends who have come to jungle of Chail, Himachal Pradesh to shoot a story on Hardutt. It is said that early years of 20th century there was psycho Hardutt who use to kill children as ‘Bali’ for Godess. He first take the dead body to river for bath, then hang it and pill the skin of the body. This is really height of the cruelty. Cut to these five students. They were completely unaware of the fact that they were slowly becoming part of the story. The more they found out, the closer they got to the unexplained reality, of what they thought was merely a myth. After entering into the woods, they were never seen again. The parents filed a missing complaint in Chail police station. One day police found a dead body and two video recorders. But the mystery still remains folded…

This kind of film making is not that easy. Debutant director Rakshit has really handled very well. At some points it is really scary. Shaurya Singh, Ankuar Panchal, Esha Rajee, Nishantt Tanwar and Monali Sehgal have acted nicely. Shaurya Singh who played Jay has given a blood shaded nude scene to feel the audience what Hardutt use to pill off the skin of the dead body. That scene makes you to speak ‘Oh my God’. Dhaval Ganbote’s cinematography is nice and the most difficult work editing is done superbly by Vivek Agrawal.

The film is recording of two video tapes. In Hollywood audience has liked found footage style, but this is a new kind of experience for Indian audience. How much it will be accepted is the biggest question.

The people who like to experience and watch something different THE LOST TAPE is new and nice option.