THE CHIVAS STUDIO 2011 : Love Gets That Jazzy Feeling

A story, a song, a feeling. A thought, a design, a creation. All were woven together at the Chivas Studio 2011. In its third edition, December 10 and 11 saw the stylish world of art, photography, fashion, music, glamour and cinema don their best in Mumbai at Mehboob Studios, Bandra.

December 10th saw connoisseurs, appreciators, friends and more at Chivas Studio 2011 Fashion Broadway, a 1960s-based Broadway musical by Rohan Sippy. Love & All That Jazz was a simple quintessential tale brought to life through the pizzazz of the 60s and its racy music.

A tale of love and longing, LOVE & ALL THAT JAZZ is story about a young man come to the big city in search of his dreams and love. Joe, played by Ali Fazal arrives at 1960s Bombay with only a dream in hand, to compose music for the gorgeous and versatile Stella, played by Shahana Goswami, at the Venice. Stella lives in a gilded cage built by club manager Ken, portrayed by Rahul Dev.

From here the tale unfolds, one of tainted innocence, untainted maturity, stories within and without, a fight for love and the triumph of love over a lurking evil. Fate, or rather it is more flamboyant relative destiny, brought together a powerhouse of characters and cast with voices so powerful, they could but only call on each listener to live vicariously.

Humour speckled the musical with a fine sheen of gold dust. Supporting characters, with their little tales, added to all that jazz. From the temperamental yet talented Diva (Hazel Keech) to MF and the Bandmaster (Siddharth Kumar), the mysterious and dark Benny (Hussain Dalal), the entertaining Twilight Players (Sinbad, Ammo, Jimi Phgura) to the explosive musicians Jarvis Menezes (piano), Ross Eustis (trumpet), Rhys D’souza (alto saxophone), Adrian D’souza (drum) and Rushad Mistry (bass), LOVE & ALL THAT JAZZ brought forth a sensorial performance like no other.

Produced by Showhouse, choreographed by Terence Lewis, music by Ranjit Barot, written by Aliya Curmally and styled by David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore, LOVE & ALL THAT JAZZ reminds one of a time when simple dreams really did come true in a really big way. It told of a time when love wasn’t just an illusion and that music always crosses the boundaries created.

With LOVE & ALL THAT JAZZ, Rohan Sippy and Chivas Studio 2011 have brought a return to the fundamental values in modern life, where the classics in our lives can be combined with the jazzy and the sophisticated meets streetwise with chic consequences.

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  • December 12, 2011 at 6:25 am

    hey thanks, glad you enjoyed the show. your reviewer has really zoned in on the feel & the details of the story we wanted to tell. appreciate that 🙂

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