Television actor Karan Mehra is making his big screen debut with LOVE POSSIBLE

Another talent from television, actor Karan Mehra, is making his big screen debut with the film LOVE POSSIBLE in which he has been cast opposite debutant Srishti Sharma.

In his debut film only Karan is going to join the band wagon of our Bollywood heartthrobs like Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Govinda, Akshay Kumar and play a girl character in one sequence.

For Karan Mehra acting is not a new thing however, wearing a girls costume and behaving like one girl was a challenge. Karan recalls, “It was one of the most difficult sequences of the film where I had to get into the character of a Bar Girl and dance on a song. Though it is a dream sequence in the film, but still we had to shoot for it and I actually had to wear a girl’s costume and do erotic, inviting dance.”

Director J. H. Nakra says, “In the beginning it was difficult for Karan to get into the mood and he found it very difficult to come up with feminine actions. However, after a couple of takes he was pretty comfortable with the costume and the act that we all had oodles of fun shooting the sequence.”

His co-actors found him very cute and complimented for the courage and the work. The film will be releasing on 6th January 2012.