Tejaswini stayed with Christian family to study Christianism

Poster 1The beautiful actress Tejaswini Lonari is playing a Christian character in upcoming film BERNIE. For any character whether it is in Marathi film or Maharani Padmini of Chittod in serial, she did hard work to get into the skin of the character. For BERINIE also she went to Goa and stayed with a Christian family to know more about Christianism.

Tejaswini plays a Goan Catholic girlTejaswini said, “The film is set in the background of Goa and my character is a Christian girl. To play this character it was necessary to study about Christian religion and traditions. I don’t believe in just reading the books to study hence I decided to go to Goa. I stayed with a Christian family there and knew about their culture, food, the way they speak etc.”

Poster 2Talking more about her character she said, “Bernie is bubbly girl and have many friends in college. A handsome guy falls in love with her but there comes a turn in Bernie’s destiny. What happens next you watch it on big screen.”

BERNIE is releasing on 17 June 2016.