Tannishtha Chatterjee hires locals to train her Kachchhi accent

‘Road The Movie’ starrer Tannishtha Chatterjee who will be seen in Girish Malik’s JAL had to seriously undergo an intense workshop to get the Kachchhi accent proper as she plays a Kachchhi villager. Instead of hiring a professional, Tannishtha preferred to hire a local teacher from the village who trained her to speak and perfect the Kachchhi dialect. She underwent an intense workshop with the teacher and did long hours of training just to prefect her dialect and accent.

Tannishtha made sure that she communicated only in the Kachchhi accent on the sets and with her friends in order to get a good grip and fluency over the language. Tannishtha used to visit the local villages and observe for hours how the people behave and speak and also spoke to the locals in their language so that she could improve. Says Director Girish Malik, “Tannishtha worked so hard in knowing the language and accent, did such a homework that she started to improvise the dialogues by adding local lines while delivering her dialogues, which turned out to be a perfect portrayal of her character she playing in the film.”

“By the end of the shoot Tannishtha knew Kachchhi accent at the back of her palm and was very fluent with it. Before leaving the place Tannishtha gifted her teacher a gift which the teacher refused to take, but when forced he took it,” adds a source.