‘Tandav’ a special dance performance by Omkar & Prarthana

‘Anaan’ which is a subject of discussion everywhere due to its melodramatic and fresh music and songs, recently released their new song ‘Tandav’ on social media, which shows the bilateral form of Lord Shankar. After both the hits ‘Gandhi Sugandhi’ and ‘Ek Surya Tu’, we will now see this new pair, ‘Omkar Shinde’ and ‘Prarthana Behere’ performing an energetic dance form.

Shiv Rudra and Shiv Nataraj are the two types of Tandav where in Lord Shiva Shankar’s symbol of Rudra or rage is depicted in Shiv Rudra Tandav and Shiv Natraj TandavĀ  is a symbol of the graceful movements of their happy moment, will be seen on the occasion of ‘Anaan’.

We can enjoy the great evergreen dance of equally capable dancers Omkar Shinde and Prarthana Behere. Like all other songs in the film ‘Anaan’, ‘Tandav’ is also penned by director Rajesh Kushte and the music is composed by Saurabh-Durgesh- the composer duo while the melodious voice is rendered by of musical maestro Ravindra Sathe.

The film is produced by Raunaq Bhatia & Hemant Bhatia under the banner – Rohan Theatres Pvt. Ltd. Also the story and creative direction is done by Hemant Bhatia himself. It is being directed by Rajesh Kushte and the script and dialogues are written by Rajesh Kushte and Mukesh Jadhav. The film is edited by Sejal Painter and the cinematographic credit goes to Raj Kadur.

Soon to be released all over Maharashtra, do take the pleasure of this Beautifully decorated vocal concert by Ravindra Sathe in this movie ‘Anaan’.