Tamasha Empress VITHAA on the silver screen

Laaj dharaa pavna jara janachi manachi

Pota satti nachate mi parva kunachi?….

Singing these lines the Tamasha Empress ruled over the hearts of tamasha afficianados of Maharashtra. The Empress was Vitthabai Narayangaonkar… Starting at the age of eleven she danced to the tune of the ghungroos well into her seventies, setting the stage, all over Maharashtra, on fire. She is responsible in getting government and public recognition for “Tamasha” the folk art of Maharashtra, thereby becoming the first female artist to win the president’s award for this art. In spite of earning immense popularity, prestige, honour and money, she had only disappointments during the last stages of her life.

To bring the extraordinary life of the “Tamasha Empress” Vitthabai  Narayangaonkar, to the general public, a movie “Vittha” based on her life, will soon hit the screens. “Namrata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd” a film production company, in collaboration with another film production company “Aapla Picture” has produced this film. Recently the movies picturisation was completed and now the technical and post production work is being carried out in full swing. The movie is directed by Pundalik Dhumal, the producers are Dinesh Agrawal, Mrs. Pritam Dinesh Agrarwal, Shubhadha Bhosale and Pundalik Dhumal himself.

In the movie “Vittha”, actress Urmila Kanitkar-Kothare, plays the main role of Vitthabai Narayangaonkar. Upendra Limaye will be seen playing a very important role. The screenplay and dialogues of “Vittha” are written by Pundalik Dhumal and Shantanu Rode. Sanjay Jadhav and Devendra Golatkar are the cinematographers, the art director is Mahesh Salgaonkar. “Vittha” the unfolding of the life of the Tamasha Empress has an equally impressive music. Ajit Parab, Sameer Mhatre and Rohit Nagbhide are the music directors. Phulwa Khamkar is the choreographer, Anil Pemgirikar and Mahesh Barate are the make-up artists and Sanjeev Rajsingh is in charge of costumes. The editing is by Vijay Khochikar. Pundalik Dhumal directed “Vittha” will show us the numerous and different aspects of the life of Vittahbai, who loved her art deeply. The other technical and post production work is going on at a very rapid pace.

In the coming New Year, it is certain that the movie goers will get to see a high quality movie “Vittha”.